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Aaaaaaand done. In the end the ‘perfect day’ was pretty straightforward, done in one attempt with no rewind needed, even with a brilliantly dumb mess up on my part.


Spoilery thoughts.



Used Aether + Nexus, with a Fourpounder that spreads toxic gas on impact, a nail gun that detonates its nails after impact and an SMG that gives health when inflicting damage.


The ‘dumb’ moment came in the penultimate loop before attempting to finish the game. Throughout my loops I clicked the inventory to only show non-infused items before sacrificing/infusing. Of course, on this occasion I didn’t and merrily sacrificed everything before realising I’d wasted the four character trinkets I’d come to rely upon (health boost, double jump, power boost and regenerate power quickly)


If anything it made my approach to the final loop a bit more cautious but the SMG did offer a safety net when things got a little hairy.


Overall I’m glad I came back to the game. I think the time element was more situational than having a huge impact on how the game unfolded. Maps did change slightly but not in a way that felt particularly groundbreaking. Still, once I got on with the gameplay it was a fun world to mess around in.


I love Prey, and enjoyed the DLC Mooncrash. Think Deathloop was more akin to Mooncrash in that it was full of inventive ideas but the end result didn’t quite realise them fully.

Was going to go back and trophy hunt but after finishing the final loop, checked how long I’d been pootling around the game and turns out I spent 50 hours looping. That’s more than enough, especially as I initially tapped out after 10!

Saying that, might give it another whirl when it drops on Gamepass. Will be fun playing as Julianna with loads of new players confused about what they should be doing.


On 13/01/2022 at 06:29, macosx said:

Something I never managed to do 

  Reveal hidden contents

was how to successfully clean kill the lovers. Every time I drowned or died and lost a life and they just auto drowned off screen. 


This is under one of the visionary leads. It’s pretty long-winded and dependent on visiting a location at a certain time. Found it useful in terms of wrapping things up, especially as I found Fia the trickiest Visionary.

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I’d recommend going after Harriet or Egor first just because their slabs are among the most powerful.



Harriet drops Nexus, which allows you to link enemies. Kill one in the chain and everyone linked dies.


Egor drops Aether, which gives temporary invisibility. There’s an upgrade that means you stay invisible while still. This is super handy for stealthing around the maps.

Also make sure to pick up trinkets that are sometimes dropped when you kill regular enemies, and always by Visionaries. This offer some decent buffs to you and weapons.

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Thanks - managed both of those, and infused both slabs and several weapons following the first few Arsenal leads.


Sacrificed most trinkets to get the stuff needed to infuse those weapons.

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No worries. The trinket drops are pretty regular, you’ll soon have more than enough. It is worth boosting the slabs too.


Did find with this once I had a load out I liked, I rarely changed it, instead upgrading the trinkets and switching them round.

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Got this cheap off eBay - A couple of hours in and... nah, it's not for me. I'd love to like it as it's had so many awards and great reviews but I'm not enjoying it at all.

I don't know if it's because I simply just don't like it or I'm just rubbish at it. My old man reflexes are shot.


I'll give it some more time this weekend and if I feel the same it'll be up in trading.




edit - Nope, still not clicked with this. Up for sale in trading if anyone wants it (although most people in this thread are probably already playing it).

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My 5th attempt at doing “Ending It”, finally completed the objective without dying, and then on autopilot went to the tunnels instead of, you know, the place you’re supposed to go. The objective doesn’t automatically change and after all these attempts I just forgot. Thus now requiring at least a 6th attempt.


Honestly I think I might just watch someone else finish the game on YouTube. I was enjoying it, but lately it just feels like I’m repeatedly punching myself in the face for some reason as opposed to having some relaxing gaming time.

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Okay, I went back in and I did it.


Overall, it is a damn good game, but it’s certainly not afraid to give you a fucking good kick in the knackers from time-to-time. I’ve come so close to ditching it so many times.

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