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Circuit Superstars (w/Forum Time Attacks)


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Got the track down now and reconciled to the tv camera angles in my head  - 31.653s.


Car is so feisty and as you push for speed just a wheel on the grass and you’re spun out.


Holding Y is your friend, resets you back to the last bend to get going quick into a fresh lap.

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The depth of the handling model in this really shines in TT - even with the record time by Grosjean when racing his ghost I can on occasion be ahead coming out the first big bend at the end of the straight, but can't string the rest of a lap together. 


Plus you see so many lines to try to gain time overall, racing the ghosts you sometimes feel slow into a bend but visibly see how it carries more speed and you can exit faster than what you did previously. 


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For a cutesy looking game, I think theres some depth to the handling model.  Getting the power on smoothly, braking without locking up and using all the width of the track all pay huge dividends in time (as they should!).  Its all too easy to understeer, or have the back wheels spin up if you mash the throttle trigger too quickly on exit, and the time bleeds away. 


I'm still trying to find the correct level of smoothness with it...  much like with my ACC hotlapping!

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16 minutes ago, Count Buffalos said:

Is there a separate TT mode or is it limited to a weekly challenge type thing? 


There are 3 weekly rotating Time Trials with set cars/tracks

Then theres the Top Gear Time Attack

And GP, Online and Free modes.  There's not currently a Time Trial separate mode

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1 minute ago, M3gacorp said:

Just hold down Y to reposition


I'm aware of that, but when you're doing a race and the computer punts you into a wall and you're so far behind there's no hope of regaining the lead or a points place - it would be welcomed.

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