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Konami announces mini PC Engine & Turbografx

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My big missing faves would be W-Ring, Image Fight, Download 1 + 2, Tatsujin, Mr. Heli, Armed F, Devil Crash, Atomic Robo-Kid, Aero Blasters, Son Son II, Metal Stoker, Gomola Speed, Magical Chase...


Pretty much everything on Lorfarius' list is genuinely worth checking out. :)

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On 08/10/2020 at 08:55, Lorfarius said:



This link doesn’t even include CD games, there’s another 50 listed.




TBH, even going through both lists there’s games that I think are great and aren’t listed; Cotton, City Hunter (Now Eng patched), Horror Story, Iga Ninden, Kaze Kiri, Kiki Kaikai, Violent Soldier...


And of course my personal fav shooter on the system Rayxanber III. This game should make the list for the soundtrack alone!



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Yeah, it's a shame the hardware-based SFX completely drown it out! That would have been ripe for a minor 'fix' on the Mini... :P


Forgot about Violent Soldier, too. I think a lot of the shmups on the console that aren't big names are written off as being kind of run-of-the-mill pretenders, but there's a lot of real quality - the only one I'm not massively keen on is Dead Moon, but being a bit derivative is its only crime.

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2 hours ago, sir stiff_one said:

Been playing one shooter on the CD Rom addon - Ginga Fukei  Denetsu Sapphire. Some of the graphical effects are really quite astonishing. 


Just looked at a long play and I can see what you mean. Some really effective little tricks there.

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