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The Dark Tower (TV)


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The hoped-for (by execs) movie franchise is presumably dead but they're still doing a separate TV version on Amazon. Supposed to be more faithful to the books than the movie was, but I hear that's not a high bar. It apparently starts by covering the gunslinger's origins.


Eastenders own Sam Strike will be Roland Deschain. Jasper Pääkkönen is Marten Broadcloak. He's from @kerraig UK's Jet Trash and something called BlacKkKlansman. Michael Rooker is Eldred Jonas, a failed gunslinger. There's also a rumour of Jerome Flynn playing Steven Deschain.

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Gwan the Jasper. Love that dude. 


We cut most of his part out of Jet Trash because the Americans couldn't work out his accent. I fought it of course. He was one of my favourite elements of that movie. I lost as I wasn't the lead producer 

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3 hours ago, gone fishin' said:

I hope they bring back Derek Griffiths to do the theme song and OST.



Cant wait to see the rest of the “Look and Read Extended Universe”, especially the remake of Geordie Racer.




Badger Girl is the one I am looking forward too.

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