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Football Thread 2019/2020

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On 04/09/2019 at 16:45, glb said:


It's really, really murky. Several Ultras groups have ties with 'organisations' that it really wouldn't be in the best interests of clubs to antagonise. And if they're not directly involved, the Ultras deploy tactics that are alarmingly similar to local criminal gangs.


One recent example of the murkiness: the capo of Lazio's Ultras, known as 'Diabolik', was recently shot dead in an attack stemming from links to an ongoing drug investigation. During the weekend's Rome derby, the Lazio Ultras refused to sing for an extended on the basis that their club did not officially condone Diabolik's death.


There's a book out this month about them, Ultra by Tobias Jones, which looks particularly fascinating if you've even a passing interest in such things.


He did a Guardian Long Read about the June Ultras a few years ago



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There was one break in the first half where I think it was about three or four Swiss attackers versus Enda Stevens, and he still came out with the ball. Ireland rode their luck a couple of times but it felt good to have men pushing forward from time to time. The football for McClean's chance early in the first half was lovely, too. 


Under 21s in action against Armenia tonight, shame I don't think there's coverage anywhere as I'd like to see Kenny's team again. 


Meanwhile, Caster Semenya has done a Usian Bolt and has started training with top flight South African side JVW.

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This man, Vedat Muriqi of the Kosovo national football team, is 25.




Bollocks is he. I only looked him up because I wondered how ancient he was on seeing the pic, ready to be impressed at how such an old man was still playing international football and doing a good job of it.

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4 minutes ago, grounded_dreams said:

Just seen that Watford have sacked Javi Gracia, seems a tad harsh after four games of the season.


look at his league record in the second half of last season - he's on a long term run of relegation level points per game

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Gracia was very likeable and reasonably sound technically but you can't argue with such a piss-poor calendar year (cup run aside).


The real joke is getting Sanchez Flores back to replace him. Pissing myself reading the reactions on twitter. Jesus Christ we deserve all of the 'banter' coming our way. :doh:

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1 hour ago, Naysonymous said:

Kinda helps the win number when perfectly good equalising goals against you are disallowed I guess.  


That's a bit selective...


I'll have you know we also massively fluked a win against Man U due some incredibly dubious reffing as well!


The football gods karmic bite back off of those two games is going to be horrific, I reckon a home, 5-0 defeat to Brighton is on the cards.

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