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Football Thread 2019/2020


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1 hour ago, tomakasatnav said:

Am I right in thinking that apart from when they play each other, the only time Liverpool and Man City will play at the same time will be during the final day of the premier league?

Don’t think the TV times will have been confirmed yet for the whole season, so we don’t know yet.


Quite possibly though. Makes sense, by far the best 2 teams in the league probably attract a big audience every time they play so makes sense for it not to clash.

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As usual this season we look second best to a better footballing side except this time it’s against the Jacks.


Hopefully, we will do what we’ve done in a lot of games this season and score at least one late goal despite not deserving it.

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2 minutes ago, Shimmyhill said:

It’s one of those far too early to score ones, we look sloppy already


Doesn't matter. Just have a feeling. We aren't even scoring today. Betting we also miss a penalty. 

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I'm multi screening and am amazed at Arsenal getting 2 goals early on from corners.


Won't say Liverpool have been lucky in their unbeaten start to the season, as don't think that is the case, but the almost perfect start has flattered to deceive a little as they haven't hit the heights of what this team has shown performance wise they are capable of. A correction has been due but Spurs will always Spurs so far too early to think its today, they haven't won away since Feb.

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