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Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories - finally coming to the West!

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I'm so happy this is getting a release over here!



Disaster Report 4 is the latest in the Disaster Report / Raw Danger / SOS: Final Escape series and this release has had a long road to get here.


DR4 was originally due to be released on PS3 but then the Japan earthquake happened and the game was cancelled indefinitely. A few years passed and fans were still upset at the cancellation and so new company Granzella (former IREM employees) formed and acquired the rights. They made some PlayStation Home content (£££) and then set to work on developing DR4 again from scratch.


I'm currently playing DR1 - it has a lot of terrible dialogue, but the game is oddly serene in its pace as you try to navigate to safety - it doesn't really have strong survival mechanics (like say Don't Starve) but the looming threat that any part of the environment might fall apart at any time.


Disaster Report 4 is due early 2020 on PC, PS4 and Switch.


Past Releases

2003 - SOS: Final Escape (DR1) - PS2

2007 - Raw Danger! (DR2) - PS2

2009 - Disaster Report 3 (Japan only) - PSP


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Apparently PC aswell. Its worth mentioning they released another disaster style game called 'City Shrouded in Shadow' which instead of natural disasters Patlabor, Ultraman, Eva's and Godzilla come to town!


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Completed SOS on the PS2 and along with Day of Crisis on the Wii, it's one of my favourite clunk'em-ups. I never got round to starting Raw Danger; might have to give that a bash.

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