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Your Favourite Ghibli Film (Poll)


What is your favourite Ghibli film? (You may pick one of each section if you wish)  

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Laputa - I just love it. Even though Totoro is so hard to beat I probably have to give it to Laputa.


Yamadas - Just an amazing, wonderful film about 'normal' family life. Visually beautiful and subtle (Kayuga isn't the aesthetic revolution Yamadas was - and the 'bigger' plot feels more conventional to me.)


Whisper of the Heart - You just don't see many films like this - in any genre. It has an airiness about it I find hard to explain.

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I keep putting off Grave of the Fireflies just because of how everyone said it's really sad.


Mononoke was my first Ghibli film and remains my favourite overall. 

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I remember Laputa being on tv as a really young kid,  it completely captured my imagination and ever since i have been a sucker for a story with ancient lost advanced societies. 


I also remember when ITV was split between Carlton and Meridian services, we were on carlton and i looked  at the tv listings and those lucky bastards on meridian got to see it again while we had some crap black and white generic cowboy movie being shown mid afternoon on a Saturday.

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20 minutes ago, BossSaru said:


It is very sad. It is also very amazing. But it is so incredibly sad. But watch it.


11 minutes ago, Benny said:

But also don't. But do.

That doesn't help! :lol:


I've got it recorded on the TiVo box, so it's just a matter of actually taking the plunge.

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just thinking of many of these movies makes me happy - when my son was younger I tried to get him off the schlock Disney stuff that kids all watched then and we went thru most of these multiple times (I never did get round to explaining what the magic rugs were in Pom Poko).


he used to love them and now many years later still talks fondly of them

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Spirited Away is the first Ghibli film I ever saw and it's up there with the best, but for me, my favourite has to be Howls Moving Castle. I know its not viewed by many as top tier but I absolutely love it, everything about it I just find utterly magical. It's the first Ghibli film my wife and daughter saw too and they both love it. My youngest daughters favourite is Totoro, she must have watched it about 20 times and has a big Totoro teddy.


When it comes to Takahata it has to be Grave of the Fireflies. Its such a powerful piece of cinema and left me an absolute mess. Its one of only a handful of films to really make me break down crying.


Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro sits with my Ghibli collection, so I technically class it as one, plus its proper ace. But if you're putting that in, you should also add The Red Turtle which is a beautiful film.


Here my collection. As you can see the fact that Studio Ghibli has stopped actually works out pretty well for my shelf.



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4 hours ago, Benny said:

 I somehow watched it when I was a kid as it was shown dubbed on UK TV. Something of a first I guess as this was before Akira became a thing and people started taking notice of Japanese animation.


Same here.  It was on TyneTees (ITV) one Sunday afternoon when i was 13 or something and fell utterly in love with it.  I didn't see it again until the advent of the internet and eBay, where i managed to buy a vCD (a vCD!!!!!) of it.  There was also a plastic model flapter in Forbidden Planet for ages but it was always too expensive.  


Anyway yeah, Laputa is the best, though i do love Spirited Away a fair amount. 


Also, the TV dub i watched, i don't think i've ever heard that dub ever again. 

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35 minutes ago, Stigweard said:


Rectify this immediately. Do you have Netflix cause it's on there. Watch it this weekend.

Will do. It's not that I don't want to watch it, it's just one of those I've never gotten around to. I'll sort that this week. 

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