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Glastonbury new for 2022 (includes 2019 chat)


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On 02/07/2022 at 09:52, Stanley said:

Turnstile’s set, easily my favourite from Glastonbury this year, they are phenomenal. 


Yeah, brilliant set. Great to see a proper hardcore band playing Glasto. 

Turnstile always really (really) remind me of an old band called Snapcase, if you’re hungry for more of this kind of stuff. 

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There’s a great Glastonbury documentary on Netflix called Lost in Vagueness, about Lost Vagueness and the people (particularly one traveller) who started it, and which essentially spawned Trash City, Shangrila, all the best bits basically.


There’s some footage in there which I’m sure is from a night they put on in Bristol’s old Bridewell Street police station, which anyone who was there will remember as a very wild night indeed.

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On 26/06/2022 at 22:28, Arc'Tan'Gent said:

Bicep utterly divine as always.


I am so late to the party on this but was chatting to a young lad at work today about Glastonbury. This years had been his first visit and he couldn't stop banging on about Bicep and how they were the best band he had ever seen. As a boomer who never really keeps up on music, I was abit "yeah ok" with him telling me how amazing they are.


After watching their set tonight they are something special aren't they ? This kid was off his face at this and I can see how it blew his head off. Classic Glastonbury Orbital vibes.



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On 04/11/2022 at 07:20, Isaac said:

Anyone trying to get tickets this year? Nobdy in my group of 20 got through on the coaches yesterday, going to try again on Sunday.

Missed out on the coach tickets earlier but YES GODDAM just got general admission ones woo hoo!! :omg:

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Congrats roobarb! Bit jealous. I haven't tried since 2008, but tried coaches on Thursday - no dice.


Between a few disparate groups today, some of us managed to get in, but they tried to get one for me and it didn't like my details. Apparently someone else got in to the right page but then my details had to be head of the group, I tried giving them my card details but then it crashed. Boo.


I might be able to get a ticket via someone at work, but will try again in Spring, I guess.

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We got 12/18 people tickets (including me). Two out of three groups. I got my group at about 10:16, well after they announced they had sold out.


Even more technical issues than usual this year - I got to the payment page twice and it timed out after putting in card details. That has never happened before.


We will all try in the resale for the last group.


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