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Most obscure "name that game" ever


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I'd ask in ask the forum but this needs to be amongst retro fans. This is possibly the most obscure "what game is this?" ever, as it comes from my childhood memories when I was knee high.

It was for the Commodore 64. You were an avatar, and you were seen side-on, in a Spy vs Spy kinda way. You started off in front of some caves, which I believe were just coloured yellow. There were several entrances which you could choose from (3 I think), and then you progressed to a different coloured area where you had to do stuff.

That's all I can remember. I remember it being way too hard for me but I'd like to know what it was. I remember yellow being a dominant colour, some rocks, and maybe some beachy sand type stuff.

Er. Cheers.

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