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The Rama sequels - any good?


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Despite considering myself a sci-fi fan, a couple of weeks back I realised that I'd never read any Arthur C Clarke. That has now been recitifed. I read and thoroughly enjoyed Rendezvous With Rama. 


I've read briefly that the sequels aren't of the same quality, I'm just after the rllmuk collective opinion on that. 

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They're completely different, and were mostly (entirely?) written by Gentry Lee. I read them all when I was a teenager after loving Rendezvous to bits, but I don't think I'd have even made it through Rama II if I tried today.

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I honestly think they're appalling. The second felt like one of those 'be careful what you wish for' type things. You really wanted to know what happens when the second ship arrives, but in reality you don't - because it was thoroughly disappointing and could never match the anticipation of your imagination.


Thankfully they don't ruin the wonder of the original.



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