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Mizzurna Falls - PS1 fan translation now available


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The fan translation is available here:



I know very little about this game - but the description is intriguing enough for me wanting to give it a whirl. Very Deadly Premonition sounding:




Mizzurna Falls was one of the first 3D open world games. It was released a month before Silent Hill, and even featured vehicle driving, much before Driver did it similarly. It’s a bit clunky, but it’s quite unique, with its Twin Peaks inspired atmosphere. It features a more or less real time clock, with NPCs having their own daily routines, similarly to Shenmue. This game certainly deserves a place in gaming history.






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I played through some of this in Japanese a while back. It’s a pretty terrible game. There’s an in game clock and the event timing is beyond unforgiving. It’s from that era when some ps1 devs thought making you play their game 5 times to eventually see the “correct” ending etc through trial and error and being in the right places at specific in-game times was somehow fun. Anyone who completes it without relying on a walkthrough has my respect.


Will be interesting to see what people say, this game has been hyped up to be something it’s not over the years (the ps1 Shenmue/a good game) by people on the internet.

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Apparently this patch is an absolute mess - creating bugs and glitches all over the place.


However it looks like somebody is going to work on cleaning up the code. @partious comments don't fill me hope that this game will be remotely good but still interested in trying it out briefly regardless.



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1 hour ago, Wonderm said:



There is a new translation of this & sounds like they fixed a few of the issues previous patch was causing. I always wanted to try & finish this so going to try & give it a go on the 350 now that it might make a bit more sense? 


Seemed really broken last time


I played it a bunch on my PSP and it some things werent translated, and the bar was glitchy if i remember, and sometimes the gamespeed would vary between 1-3x. Not sure if that was device emulation doing that or the hack.


i still loved it for what it was, right from the opening song and credits I knew it would be my cuppa t

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