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Little Nightmares 2 - 11/2/21 for current gen / 'Later' for PS5 & XSX

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This was announced at Gamescom earlier and is due to release next year. I thought the first game was very atmospheric and had a lot of potential but felt disappointingly short. Hopefully the developers have got a bit more money and manpower behind them this time to make something more elaborate. The trailer, with its various locations and new gameplay elements, suggests something a bit more substantial, at least.


One to watch.

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Over a year later, but we got a second trailer for this in last night's Gamescom event:



I have to say it's looking god damn good, especially in 4K on an OLED screen. It looks like they've doubled down on the horror elements from the first game, too - there's some freaky shit going on. I'm a bit disappointed we won't see it this year, but I'm happy to wait if it's a better (and more filled out) game as a result. The staggered release dates for PS5 and XSX were a surprise, however; I'd have thought that, with it coming out in 2021, they'd have stuck to the same date for all platforms, but there we are.


Looking forward to it :)

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