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Fast & Furious 9


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The usual crew are back. Rock apparently won't be, but they're adding John Cena and UFC fighter Francis Ngannou. Michael Rooker also joining. Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren also coming back. There's rumours of Lucas Black too.


It already started shooting a couple of months ago, and had an incident when a stuntman fell about 20 feet to the ground in Leavesden studios and suffered a bad head injury, being put in an induced coma for a while.


No word on story yet, but it's shooting in London, LA, Thailand and Georgia (the country).

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I watched Tokyo Drift again recently when it was on ITV Lad and still maintain it's brilliant. It really captures urban Japan in a way most films completely miss. The main guy is just a block of granite the film revolves around, but everyone else in it is top entertainment.


I genuinely hope this story just keeps going and going. A Proust for the 21st Century. 

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Been rewatching the F&F movies over the past couple weeks. Next up in F&F Tokyo Drift (Im watching them in chronological order).


Fast Five is still my favorite. The first movie REALLY shows its age though (it's still fun though). 7 & 8 were not really my favorites, kinda jumped the shark a bit but be good to see them again.

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Christ that looks hilariously bad. Not even a trailer, just some clips smashed together with a dash of increasingly ludicrous lore and another experimental Charlize Theron hairdo.


Nailed on day one!!!!!!

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