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Fast & Furious 9


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F&F8 made almost $400m in China alone, and $1.2b globally. Appreciate Universal get a bigger cut of the home release pie than the theatrical one, but that would be a bold move Cotton, let’s see if it pays off for them.

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29 minutes ago, teddymeow said:

There's that whole spat between AMC Cinemas (who own Odeon over here) and Universal due to Trolls World Tour so maybe that's where the rumour has started.


Skip cinema altogether and go straight to home media?


Universal would make a much bigger cut, but in doing so would remove some of the subsequent windows after theatrical release, so they'd reduce earning opportunities, meaning they'd have to be pretty certain of the home media market to even risk doing so. Maybe Trolls World Tour has convinced their executive's but the market appears uncertain at best, and that would be a massively budgeted film to roll the dice with.


Universal has a first-look deal with Blumhouse; think those productions, usually costing well under $10m to make and consistently popular, would appear to be much better suited to skipping cinemas.

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I've not been back in a cinema yet, so I've not seen this. But it's apparently been doing well under the circumstances.


And they've now announced it's going to video on demand tomorrow. In the US at least. I don't know about internationally.

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2 hours ago, BitterToad said:

Do you understand how fucked the entire cinema industry is at the moment? Pay for your shit. 

I do for most things. Been cinema twice in the past couple weeks.


There's certain things I'm happy not to fling the cash at however, considering I'm unemployed with fuck all spare for entertainment.


Ta for the clarification.

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12 minutes ago, Distinct muttering said:

99% of the films on release need your money more than this multi billion franchise.

Well not from my perspective they don't. Because I work in film advertising. And the market is fucked across the board. There are around 6 people left at the company I work at and there were over 30 pre pandemic. Nobody's paying for adverts for French independent cinema in the UK, they're paying for adverts for things like Fast 9. And your Marvels. And your Star Wars'. I feel a little conflicted about people going to cinemas but things like rentals and Premium Editions and whatever else are currently keeping me in a job. I know this is fairly personal to me but, well, that's who's posting so there's not a huge amount I can do about that. 


I don't particularly mind the odd person pirating the odd movie here and there. I don't do it for obvious reasons but people are unemployed and the last year's been fucking rough and films help with that, so sorry if I came across a little strong @Dark Soldier! It's the idea of coming onto a public forum and saying "oh guys that's available to steal if you want" that rankles me slightly. 


Anyway I thought this was the best one since 6. It's barmy, it's mad, it's excellent. And if you're comfortable with it it's definitely worth seeing on the big screen. 

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