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Aladdin and Lion King remasters


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That was around 1994 at Epcot I think. They demoed it in a tech section and a small number of visitors in each group could try it. I didn't get the chance to try it but my wife did, I was very jealous. It was definitely a magic carpet ride experience and I know I'd seen it in Edge before we went. 

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Completed a couple levels on Aladdin  , tried the final cut as well but didnt really noticed much of a difference. The game boy version is kinda playable but not something I expect I'd spend much time with.


Lion king really could have done with a final cut but its appreciated in having several different version of it on here.


The rewind function is pretty good though even if it takes the challenge away.

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20 hours ago, Calashnikov said:

They categorise both the Aladdin games as being ‘Console S’ and ‘Console N’ versions 👌🏻 

Super NES and Not Super NES?

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