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We're making a Deathtrap Dungeon game

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We exhibited (well, plonked a few things on a table) at Fighting Fantasy Fest on Saturday. The response was overwhelming, especially with the kids who were really into playing the demo.




Got a pic with the man himself!



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Completed filming last weekend, now we’ve got to edit 42 hours of video....


Here’s Ian, Eddie and the crew on set:



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Been following this on Facebook as I'm a huge FF fan, and due to working with both Matt (briefly) and Ian at Antstream. 

Really excited to see how it turns out - is the dungeon going to be basically the same as the one in the book? 

I know not everyone loves  the Nomad Games adaptions (although Ian is a fan - he recommended them to me himself) but they do some good work with changing the structure of the quest to make it more in line with modern gaming conventions (i.e you won't necessarily screw yourself forever by taking one wrong decision). I imagine as you mentioned Bandersnatch, this is more of a standard "Choose Your Own Adventure" model of gameplay, with wrong moves rewarded with death and starting over? 

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DD suffers more than most from “oh dear, you’re dead”, so we’re looking at various ways of implementing the “five finger bookmark”. From save points, to the ability to keep all your items and go back to any point you’ve visited in the game, we’re looking for something that’s fair but doesn’t spoil the game.


We’re working from the original book, with some minor changes in situations where it says “if you have the shield” etc - the game already knows.


There’s also an option to change the battle mechanics slightly, so it’s quicker for impatient customers :)

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