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Rate the last film you watched out of 5

Raoull duke

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Brawl in Cell Block 99



Jesus. H. Christ. Normally fine with gore but damn if this isn’t one of the most visceral experiences I’ve had in a while.


Glad Vince Vaughn and S. Craig Zahler have found each other, VV really shines in the worlds Zahler builds. I like the grubbiness, the slightly skewed view, and Vaughn looking weary, resigned to the shittiness. As with Dragged... could have done with being a tad tighter but was still pretty absorbed throughout.


Got Bone Tomahawk to watch, might need a breather for something lighter though!

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Ghost Stories (2017)

Some good performances here (Whitehouse and Lawther in particular) but it made some odd choices.


I was expecting a fairly straightforward (and humourous) romp through a mystery unravelling at the heart of a documentary, with some hauntological throwbacks to 70s TV sprinkled throughout... but it dropped the documentary style almost immediately and ended with some fairly depressing body horror and ruminations on guilt. Only Whitehouse's incident was compelling, though this too fell apart by the end.

3/5. I'd watch again but not for a long time.

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4 hours ago, Nick R said:

The Big Lebowski - 3.5/5


I ended up writing more than intended, so I've put my post in the blog thread instead:



Short version: I like it but its inflated online reputation still perplexes me.

You should watch it again another few times. It gets better with repeat viewing.


It's all daft wee things that make it so good. Things you might easily overlook. Like the line "careful, man, there's a beverage here." Which is a clunky and strangely worded thing to say in that situation but in a very real way, like it's something somebody might say but you can't imagine actually writing it for someone. Like at the end of Rocky when he's all beat up and Adrien comes into the ring and the first thing he says to her "hey, where's you hat?"


I thought it was just ok the first time I seen it. And every time I watched it since I've liked it a bit more. Same with Fargo. 


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Bone Tomahawk - 4/5


Think it’s Zahler’s most cohesive film, albeit not quite the classic I think he might well one day produce.


Middle act is the strongest, could have happily watched more of the men on the trail.


22 hours ago, jonamok said:


And you thought Dragged and Brawl were violent. Good luck with ‘the scene’. You’ll know when you’ve seen it. Hoo boy.


If we’re talking the same scene, was totally fine with it. Maybe expectations were set for something nastier but wasn’t remotely shocked at all in the film compared to Brawl: they’re cannibals after all.

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The Lost Boys - 3/5


Got this from CEX a couple of days ago as I've intended to watch this for quite a while. Much effort seems to have gone into the look and feel of the film, the music is over the top cool and the makeup very impressive. Sometimes it has average teen comedy and the menace towards the end just became silly, while some of the actors eventually get on your nerves but overall its a fun watch.

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12 hours ago, glb said:

If we’re talking the same scene, was totally fine with it. Maybe expectations were set for something nastier but wasn’t remotely shocked at all in the film compared to Brawl


It totally freaked me out. So utterly, brutally animalistic, and horribly well done. Brawl was just latex comedy time in comparison.

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Adaptation. - 4.5/5


In the current Rllmuk films of the 21st century poll, I was intending to vote for this as my favourite of 2002. But I'd only seen it once, the best part of 15 years ago, and my memories of it were very vague, so I wanted to rewatch it to confirm if it still holds that spot.


I was a bit concerned that it wouldn't hold up. In the years since I first saw it I've seen more films telling metafictional interconnected-stories-about-stories (e.g. A Cock and Bull Story, Cloud Atlas, The Fountain, Charlie Kaufman's later Synecdoche, New York, and Meryl Streep's other 2002 film The Hours). So I was worried that the layers of self-referentiality that had impressed me so much the first time wouldn't seem anywhere near as clever today... maybe even irritating and self-indulgent?


Maybe it's lost a bit (I think Being John Malkovich is still my favourite), but generally I needn't have worried! It's still a great film. :wub: Nicolas Cage's dual roles are still probably my favourite performance of his, Brian Cox is great in his brief appearance as screenwriting guru Robert McKee. And it's still great fun watching


the narrative transition from a Charlie movie to a Donald movie.


I liked the way that The 3, Donald Kaufman's cliché-packed screenplay-within-the-movie, bears a strong resemblance to Split, which I watched a couple of weeks ago!





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Rambo: Last Blood. 


This isn't so much a Rambo film as a Taken meets a horror film where the slasher is supposed to be the good guy. Home Alone with Jason from the Friday the 13th films instead of Kevin McAllister. It's really fucked up. The first hour is hokey as fuck, the story is there just to set up the big action sequence at the end, but the last half hour is at least entertainingly gruesome. And as over the top as the fatalities in Mortal Kombat 11. 


2/5 but I can't deny being entertained for the last section. 

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