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area 01 - buggie running beeps - by keiichi sugiyama

area 02 - protocol rain - by mist

area 03 - creation the state of art (part 1 - 6) - by ken ishii

area 04 - rock is sponge - by joujouka

area 05 - fear - by adam freeland

boss attacks - realize - by coldcut & tim bran

lost area - f6 g5 - by ebz

trance mission - p-project - by oval

If someone can get pics of the ending credits we might be able to work out who the other tracks are by (though I reckon they are all by WaveMaster).

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Just wanted to say thanks again for this guys. I've been listening to it constantly in work, and its incredible. Nicely ripped too :rolleyes: . I also wanted to bump it for the guys that may have missed this the first time around as everyone should hear it.

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Can someone get the fzero gx soundtrack as well :rolleyes:

Oh, I downloaded quite a good rip of this from vgmcentral.

I'll leave it on SoulSeek for a few days if anyone wants it - I'm in the rllmuk room there.

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they'll all be up in about an hour or so i reckon. thanks again to bcass. hope they don't mind me mirroring them. no worries on bandwidth there as i'm not using that account right now. 70gb p/month.

edit: all (will be) finished at 8:40pm.

What the hell was that Rainbow video? I mean...wtf? Is this some sort of bizarre DVD extra? My god, my childhood...destroyed by mild smut :)

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