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I've been between jobs these last few weeks, so I thought I'd get a torrent up of the complete version of this rip. In addition, numerous audio errors have been fixed, titles are now complete and accurate (complete with credits), and the track that was missing from the first upload is now included. Oh, I have also converted my original WAVs to FLAC Level 8, so its now lossless. Of course, this means that it is now 411Mb.

Download the torrent here:


Left click only. Click on the 'Free' button at bottom of the page then follow the instructions at bottom of next page.

I can only seed this for 15 hours a day, so keep your torrents going and you'll get there eventually. If someone wants to host the .torrent file then please put a link here so people don't have to struggle with rapidshare.

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This was interesting, reading stuff back from Feb and right back up today. Isn't the Internet a magic place.

Anyhow, this sounds bloody excellent - I'd missed this the first time around, so will be off home to get that torrent going.

Also, quick site pimp. The Rez butterfly ending is on the game-endings.co.uk site, for anyone who hasn't even seen it, captured by magic l0rd - just two posts up -spooky

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OK first I'd like to thank bcass for taking the time to get these songs out of the game. Then I'd like to thank rllmuk for hosting the MP3's at http://www.rllmukforum.com/Rez/

It's great music & I'm really digging it.

Is there any plan of putting up the "high score" track with the rest of the MP3's?

I'm trying to get the torrent version of the tracks now, but nobody seems to be seeding right now.

Thanks again. B)

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I had a strange urge to play Rez last night without the music, sound effects only. Area 1 was a bit dull until the boss battle but Area 5 was cool as there is so much going on all the way through. I noticed a lot of nice sound effects that get lost amongst the music too.

It's funny to come here today and find this old topic bumped up. I downloaded the tracks a while ago but I just dont think the music works as well without all the sound effects that add to the texture when playing.

I love Rez :(

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Sorry for the necrobump but I've been looking for the second 'fixed' version of this all over the internet and haven't been able to locate it anywhere.

I'm referring to the FLAC version that had the correct artist and song name tags as well as the High Score track (the long lost torrent that bcass posted above about 10 years ago).

I realize this is probably far fetched but does anyone who was here back in the day still have it?

The MEGA upload from 2013 is actually bcass' older version from 2004 rather than his updated version. It's nice but I'd really like the polished up FLAC files...

Again, sorry about the necrobump.

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Not what you're looking for, and welcome to the forum, but there was a Eurogamer story about the Rez soundtrack a few weeks ago, so I'll take advantage of the bump to post it


Someone has reconstructed the Fear version. Apologies if that's what we've all had in our MP3 collections for years thanks to this thread.

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Yup, that's actually what started me on this quest and led me to this very forum, heh...

Come for the Rez, stay for the sausages.

I've become obsessed with running to this:

Is this the "best" mix of Fear, or is there a better one?

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