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Child (and adult) artist needed for science paper


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Hello Art subforum!


Do you have a child? Can he or she draw? I'm looking for one or two secondary school aged children to do a small bit of artwork to be included in a scientific paper. We have made a couple of antibiotics by re-appropriating some text from an old Welsh poem. One of the angles to the publication is how blending art and science together can help to make it more engaging. For the target journal (Nature Science Comms) I'd like to include a couple of bits of artwork from children to prove this is, indeed, the case. 


In terms of payment, ethically, I have no idea what I'm allowed to offer - but happy to cover costs of art materials etc. Or send something like some Fortnite V-bucks or whatever it is your kidz are into these days. None of my three children have any artistic ability at all. Alarmingly so. I'd use a local school, or home ed group, but I'd prefer someone outside of Wales to prove the cultural reach. 


If you're interested, PM me, and I can send you a one page A4 sheet which summarises the work to see if it prompts some form of artistic expression. It's a little bizarre, so you may have further questions (I can send you the draft scientific paper if you have a science background). 


I already have an adult artist doing something - but equally if you're an adult who fancied a crack then let me know. All I'd need would be a hi-res photo of your work, and you'll go in the paper along with a credit. And yes, this sounds suspiciously like doing work for "exposure" but there you go.... :D 

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