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Consolevania Shoot Begins!! (9th Feb)


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Monday 9th February is the big day.

The Peach Dealers are crawling the kerbs, Count Padula is sharpening his interview fangs, Rab and Ryan are neck deep in good games, shit games and loose women, and Gaming Hitler has sent out an invitation to tea.

Leave your goodwill messages here, and we'll keep you updated as the two week shoot progresses.

Have a :) on us.

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We'll be shooting for two weeks, and then editing for about a week, then it's in your hands.

So, as long as we don't get mugged and have our camera stolen while out on the town in Glasgow this week, we'll be right as rain.

And those loose women. Yes.

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It'll be going up for free download, or we'll send it out to you on disc for the price of postage.

All we're looking for is little donations to keep the thing running if it turns out you like it. If not, feel free to leave us twisting in the wind.

We're having great fun discussing where the boundaries are right now.

"It's not for broadcast, so is THIS offensive?"

Maybe we should just go for it, balls out, because if it does end up with interest from the TV folks, we'll probably have to rein it all in a bit.

I don't literally mean 'balls out' of course. Or should I do a poll on this?

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haha, I would only like to see your balls if they are the kind on the drawings everyone used to do in school, you know, with three pubes per ball?

^ posts people wish they never wrote and other people wish they never seen number #38456^

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