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Noita - Game Of All Time


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  • 3 months later...

Hey, I picked it up!


Played it between PC and Deck for about 5 hours today.

What I learned:


- It’s fucking nails.

- But it’s really compelling.

- After 30+ runs, I have no idea what’s going on.

- Yet it’s really addictive.

- I’m shit at it and am yet to get past the third (snow) level.

- But yeah, it’s properly more-ish isn’t it?


Playing on m+k on the big screen is much much nicer for aiming than the controller on the Deck, but I’ll need to adapt as that’s where I’ll get most of my play time by far.


Lovely, crazy stuff though. Looking fwd to getting back in. And quite the bargain at £7.


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This has properly got its hooks in now. Tried loads of community configs on the Deck, some that use trackpad as mouse etc., even tried tweaking my own, but realised I’m best going with the default twin-stick set up and just learning it.


And I’m getting better. Still not got past the frozen world (3), but I’m putting together longer, smarter runs, and bagging more gold each time. Playing with wands a bit too to optimise DPS vs recharge time. It’s all rather lovely, and every death is a lesson. It’s funny as fuck too, of course.


Officially a fan.

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