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Disco Elysium


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I am intending to buy it in a day or two. 


5 hours ago, Gabe said:

I've read a comment on another forim that encounters are all dialogue based, is that right? 


I don't think there's a tactical turn based combat component to the game a la the oridge Fallouts or the infinity engines.   

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Downloaded it this morning, just before going into work. 


Just attempted to boot up now, and the loading times at the start were so long I've given up just at present.


To anyone who's started, does it have one massive great load at the beginning and then gets better? Because this does not bode well for my patience levels if this continues :p 

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This thread is off to a undeserved slow start, but I'm fairly certain it'll gain some proper pace as soon as it's announced for consoles. I can understand why this game is mostly overlooked, it's not as if it's been hyped at all and even though it's received mostly praise (except for a rather luke warm review from our friends over at Eurogamer) this is a game that can't be sold by trailers, small write ups or sheer word of mouth, it simply needs to be experienced to understand how unique and brilliant it is. While billed as an RPG, and rightfully so, it doesn't really fit that label exclusively. To be honest, it's kinda impossible to pinpoint the exact genre this game belongs in. I've seen some describe it as a visual novel, and I can see why (but I don't agree 100%), I've seen it described as a modern point n click murder mystery and that's kinda 100% correct, but kinda not. It's just....unique. 

There's been some brilliant games released this year and we're still waiting for some really promising releases (personally I'm very interested in Outer Worlds, new Pokemon, Luigis Mansion 3, Death Stranding and Fallen Order) but I'll be (pleasantly) surprised if any of them creeps upon my skin as much as Disco Elysium has. Cracking stuff!

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Brilliant game.  In the middle of the second day, and it's wonderful.  Loving the inner dialogue you have with different aspects of your personality; and every conversation and interaction is captivating because you don't know what's gonna happen.


Day 1/2 spoiler (field autopsy)...



I died of a heart attack looking into the hanged man's throat! :lol:

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Really enjoying the writing in this. I also marvel at the sheer quantity of it, and just how much that I must be missing due to various dialogue / charcter build choices.


To me, it feels a lot like how I remember Planescape: Torment. A fundamentally strange - but self-consistent and well-developed - world, the player thrown in the deep end and not really fully getting a handle on what was going on, always with the chance you would be wrong-footed. And like @davejm mentioned, the way different parts of your psche pop up for you to converse with, offering advice and misdirection, is really well done.


Also - importantly - it's properly funny. I've been actually laughing out loud at some of the situations and dialogue.

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This looks lovely but at the moment I do most of my pc gaming on the sofa, is the text scalable? Because it looks a bit small for playing at distance.


Although I'll probably get it anyway given things mentioned like point n click, detective and no combat makes it sound right up my (crime) alley. 

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It has a very immersive and original (in the context of CRPGs at least) aesthetics/setting, a heavy/exclusive focus on non-combat mechanics, and in many ways feels like a point and click that has been 'evolved' into a hyper-detailed RPG.


I can't comment on text size as I'm just playing on laptop where it is fine - but if this is an issue for you I'd do some research because there is a LOT of reading (it is almost a text adventure with a pretty GUI).

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