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I'd say golf for 2 player, billiards for 1 player [i find it relaxing] and then bowling cos I don't like it much.

However, before unlocking owt, take out your memory card and unlock what you want. You can see if you like it without it costing you play points. When done, reset the GC and put the mem card back in, take it out when loaded and try another one.

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Surely you can't get 299, insin.

You can get 30 for three strikes in a row, you have to get all strikes for 300, and there's no way you can get 299 because that would involve you somehow bowling a 9.5 with your last ball.

You big fat liar you.

You get whatever you knock over in the last frame and there are 3 score thingys to fill. I fucked up the very last shot and got a 9.

Gizza hug! :)

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As for 299;

30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 10 10 9


But to get 10 on the 10th go would require you to hit nothing (and 10 would be added to your score based on the last strike).

Then you wouldn't be able to get the extra go's.


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I actually had to learn how to calculate bowling scores from online bowling fetishists who were being over-technical to try and make it seem complicated (bowling makes you good smart!), as the resident Monkey Bowling addict and myself were a bit puzzled by the scoring system - the SMB manual is very light on actual details about the games other than what the controls are.

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Bowling is brilliant !! The only game my girl kicks my ass at.

Probably cause she's been playing it for 5 days now (2 hours a day) and hits trike after strike.

Makes her cocky though... :)

I like it :P

Boutros knows what I'm talkin' 'bout!


(She's told me we need to get a PS2 to go with the XBox and GC now :D)

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