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I noticed there wasn't a topic about this game, which is unacceptable.


It came out last year, but seems to have been criminally overlooked by critics, whether because it's too "traditional" or not I'm not sure, because it's one of the best point-click adventures ever made I would say, and the classic style doesn't diminish something that puts to shame a lot of the writing and narrative hooks found in modern games, let alone many of the classics of the 90s.


Available on PC Game Pass currently, so can be played for a quid with a trial for those curious. And do submit to that curiosity, because you'll find a true hidden gem that deserves to be experienced by a wider audience. I advise not reading anything more about it beforehand, as I had a lot of joy discovering the ways it plays with genre conventions. Suffice to say, it's an incredibly enjoyable adventure, where you genuinely feel you're being investigative.



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