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Spitting Image again


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I got the Zuckerberg one straight away, i think they've caught his eyes.


I wouldn't see Megan Markle if not for Harry next to her. Dunno why her skin is so light. With the large ring earrings and garish jumper are they trying to make her seem chavvy, is there really anything to mine there that's funny and worthwhile. Maybe if they take Frankie Boyle's approach to Prince Harry...




also if you prefer you can see that same joke with an image of Frankie looking like someone sat in a juvenile detention centre



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8 hours ago, macosx said:

Trump has already jumped and blown up to the satire shark.


I dunno. There are a definite lack of satirists around, the TV is filled with public school Russels going on about ninjas and getting a six part series filming a free holiday with their parents.  Even the Daily Mash sold itself out.


And Frankie Boyle was lumbered with horribly pre-scripted banter with the same fucking comedians who appear on every comedy show across every bloody channel.  When they said that they would be ensuring that women would comprise 50% of all comedy panel shows, I wasn't expecting it to be just Katherine Fucking Ryan and Sarah Fucking Pascoe.


Or, just for a bit of variety Aisling Fucking Bea.


(I have nothing against them three, just that they reached a level of ubiquity that made even John Bishop go "Eh, that's a bit much".)

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every now and again we see a puff piece about this returning. I wonder how it will fare?


I'm 42, spitting image was a must see of my childhood, but that was 24 years ago. The show was savage by todays standards. The song Cry Gazza Cry after Paul Gascgoine's tears at the Italia 90 world cup, and his rubber double consistenly crying from then on. Would this be taken as mocking mental health?


The perrenial favourite song that gets tireleslly dug up by anyone 40+ whenever they meet a South African, my in-laws are from S.A. - its gets tiring after seeing yet another person chuckling to themselves thinking they are the first person to ever think they are the first to play it.


The lampooning of politicians was always brilliant, but i wonder what it will be like with or without some of its dark contents. loose the savage edge and risk older generations complaining that its a pale shadow of itself and  lacks its edge like goign to see Frankie Boyle and finding him reading from Bob Monkhouse's joke book, or will it keep it's darker edge, mock everything and offend the snowflakes (i hate using that term)


Hopefully they have the writing caliber to move with the times.



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