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Valfaris - Contra meets Metal. Out Now Switch and Steam.

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Well that's what it looks like. The soundtrack to this trailer has me making invisible orange hands at the monitor. By the people who made Slaine: Back From Hell, so make of that what you will. 10% off so £20 and some change and is coming to PS4 (Nov 5th) and Bone (Nov 8th).




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@moosegrinderI just gave this a whirl this morning, it was part of humble bundle. It is proper metal in style and pulls it off incredibly well. It's lovely to play on my arcade stick even though my brain can't quite work out the correct buttons yet and runs beautifully smoothly on my PC. I've never really been a fan of the run and gun genre but this is accessible enough and has some interesting mechanics.

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3 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:

I think we ended up talking about it in the eShop thread. @Lovelyman was a big advocate of it I think, and I bought it but I'm struggling with the feel of it. I feel like it should be more responsive than it is.

Yeah I loved it!


Stupid question but have you checked your TV is in game mode?



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56 minutes ago, Lovelyman said:

Yeah, it's more purposeful and considered than that.

Things improved for me when I realised this. Initially I went in more aggressive then realised that the tempo was designed to be much more considered.

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18 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:

I think the deal with that is you're not supposed to use them all as hanging onto the green doofers raises your health and shield/blue shit. Naturally I have been using them because I'm awful at this game.


I am shit at it too, but I love the save point risk/reward mechanic.

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I'm starting to get the rhythm of this and yeah, it's really good. I'm finding I generally have 2 or 3 Resurrection Idols so my health is pretty solid, but I'm dying quite a bit still. It takes a while for me to get boss patterns down and I still keep going for the bloody dodge button that doesn't exist.


Also apparently this is on offer in the PSN indie sale.


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Is there some subconscious trend going on here? I know they are entirely diffeeent games but still. 


We need a 90’s run and gun now called ValKillner


Oh and I think I’m gonna pick both this up and Huntdown with all the talk on both lately over here. 

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