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THQ are cheap bastards


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ok so they cocked up GBA Tetris Worlds with no high score (or even options) save and leaving the 2 cheat modes on by default...

...and now I find that the Disney Princess game I bought for my little neice doesn't save to the cart either. The poor little thing has to try to put in a 12 character password every time she starts the game... and it doesn't allow editing! If you get one character wrong... you have to start again.

THQ=scum. ;)

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The lack of a save function is always a pain in the arse - Ubisoft did it on the GBA version of Pinball Challenge Deluxe, which completely missed the point. It's a pinball game, thus I want to be able to beat my scores time and time again... except I can't, because the bloody things wipe every time I turn it off. What am I supposed to do - write them down? Bah. ;)

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It's not THQ though is it really, it's the developer not the publisher that makes these errors.

Off topic - MrDo's Penfold avatar looks exactly like my manager hence why we call him Penfold I suppose.

No, it's down to the publisher.

In the case of Sega Arcade Gallery, Bits put in the code for battery save (which you can still use if you use a flash cart), but THQ decided that a collection of high-score-based games didn't require for those scores to be saved. Not that it mattered cos it's utter shit.

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WWF No Mercy was alright, but;

A. Why they couldn't just add WWF wrestlers to Virtual Pro Wrestling 2, I don't know. Why bother toning the game down?

B. Only release Smackdown on the PS2, and release shitter versions on the GC and Xbox.

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