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SEGA are at Number 1!

Guest PupponVesh

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Guest PupponVesh

I haven't actually played the game, but it's nice to see Sega having a bit of success. If I remember rightly, it's their first number 1 since Virtua Tennis on Dreamcast (Sept 2000).

Well done Sega!

Top 5.











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.::: Now the question; Did they deserve it?

A good question, but after all they've been through, I don't think anyone would begrudge them a bit of success, even if they got to number 1 with their worst game ever.

And no, I'm not saying SH's is Segas worst game, just hypothetically speaking.

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For all the talk of them being has-beens, Sonic and Mario still manage to be the biggest selling platformers. Even Sonic Adventure 2 Battle has passed 1 million in America alone.

It's just a shame Sonic Heroes isn't as good as the Adventure games. Also, has anyone played the PS2 version yet? You can play all three in Virgin Megastores (London) and I was shocked at just how poor it is compared to the other versions. I realise the PS2 versions are generally the lowest of the three machines, but the difference in quality is ridiculous, it almost looks like a PS1 game. ;)

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while i'm glad it's not pissing NFSU again i'm dissapointed it's another bad game that replaces it.

I'm loving Sonic Heroes. A far better concept than both the adventure games IMO, with a perfect difficulty curve. If anything, Sonic Heroes is a slap in the face to those who dismissed 3D Sonic as a push forward and turn off brain experience. SH makes you look before you leap, but still adds plenty of traditional blazing speed to the mix. Great stuff and a number one well earned.

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Guest PupponVesh
What chart is this? I though the game only came out on Friday?

God damn. Doesn't anyone in this thread look further than their ass.

My apologies for not providing a direct link, but I simply can't be arsed. Go to www.charttrack.co.uk and look about the UK software charts. For some reason, the charts come out on a monday, even though games are released on a friday, it's bizarre, but it's been going on for years.

BTW, spong are now reporting it as well.

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