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Crisis on infinite Earths - We're in the Endgame now..


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Who the hell is



in part 5? Comes across as a cameo. But seems more like someone from the real world (ie. not an actor) than a comic character.


Something that didn't happen, but really felt like it should have


The two Flashes should have done some Spider-Man pointing


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The cameo you're talking about was



Marv Wolfman

writer of original crisis comic.


That was pretty crap - almost enough to burn away good will form the first few episodes :(



Entire Marv side trip just handwaved away?

John and New Paragon just punch demons to death?

Paragons mean standing around thinking hard :(

Oliver dying again in 4 episodes...and this one was worst...


All the fights felt crap and cheap compared to earlier ones

Tonally jarring all over the place...


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23 minutes ago, McCoy said:

Oh dear.  I thought it got progressively worse during the first three episodes to the point I'm having to hype myself up about the ending.  Not good that it apparently didn't recover much in the way of quality. 


There's still some nice moments, and the warmth I have for a lot of the characters helps a lot.


I just thought plotting and production values went down the toilet - basically all the bad elements of parts 1-3 get turned up - but there's still some nice moments, and they've kept a surprise or two back.

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Well I bloody loved that.


Ezra miller was unexpected. And I proper loled hard when during the final montage they actually showed footage of the Green Lantern movie. I guess the multiverse is still a thing, only more condensed than before with our main TV people being on one Earth. I was expecting more of a send off for Brandon Routh unless they're doing a farewell episode on this season of Legends.

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The action and sentimentality had me wincing, the editing was all over the place (Hi Tyler!) but they finally gave me the exact taste of fan service I was looking for. That Indiana Jones “happens to me all the time” magic.



Nice to see the Ezra cameo, if only in terms of box ticking.




Melissa is Kara. :lol:

The Earth Prime merge somehow caught me completely off guard and was all the more satisfying for it. I’d written off the idea after the earlier episodes. I wonder if they’ll play with the fact that certain characters have a different set of memories, or just quietly forget about it.



Looking forward to some sort of impact in either case. Crossover saved!

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Well that wasn’t perfect, and the CGI was absolutely terrible in places (the bit where they all stood in a car park spamming their ammo into anti-monitor’s invincible shield that he maintained by waving his arms around was terrible in every possible way).


However, I find the excitement and earnestness Benoit and especially Brandon Routh bring to their characters really charming and refreshing. 

Not sure about the big cameo, I like that actor in the role but it was a bit pointless and then they just vanished. 

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Yeah, it was a bit uneven really and you can tell the budget had pretty much been eliminated.  I do feel for the producers in that regard, apparently for any extra appearances (so any non Legends actor appearing in the Legends episode) they get a episode fee which is greater than their usual episode fee.  It must eat up the budget quickly and explains why in these crossovers people appear and disappear randomly and characters you think would turn up end up being AWOL. 


As people have mentioned, the fight scenes really did border on horrendous and clearly showed that there really was not the budget available to do them properly. Episode 5 was a strange conclusion, almost an epilogue but was enhanced by the presence of some of the Legend actors and humour.  Would be nice for the Legends to take the lead in a crossover at some point. 



I think they messed up the deaths of Oliver to the point where the big meaningful death in episode 4 really did not carry the weight it should since he'd already had a great death in episode 1 and the appropriate period of characters been sad and down. They really needed to just choose the one death and then rewrite accordingly and, in fairness, I thought his episode 1 death was the stronger one. 


The Monitor is a bit of a question.  It looks like at the start of episode 4 we are finally going to get some back story but it turns out he is just a time traveller. Except clearly at some point he gains some godlike powers somehow. Since episode 4 was largely filler, it was a shame we did not explore his story some more. Given what happened with him and Facility at the end of season 7 presumably we will see him again.


No idea what they will do about Oliver, we've got the planted spin off and then the Arrow series finale and we're due an emotional reunion with him and Felicity.  Not many clues given about exactly how he is going to turn up again and it will be fascinating to see what the Arrow finale is about since the Arrow story is effectively concluded already. 


So, all the CW earths become Earth Prime.  Which is fine except it never seemed more than a button click away from accessing any of the other characters earths. Indeed, having Supergirl on a different earth, even one easily reached, was a good way of resolving the issue of why the heroes rarely turn up and solve problems for the other heroes. It does not have that much weight since it never seemed difficult for the writers to sort out the crossovers as and when required. 


As mentioned above, terrible fights.  Really looked like they ran out of budget and we were just left with our heroes punching ghosts essentially. The worst of all the cannon fodder we've seen on these crossovers. 


So, the whole enterprise gets marks for trying but after a strong start it does somewhat peter out.  The rather dull Vancouver shooting locations do not help, it is difficult to have grandeur when clearly you are filming in an empty yard across from the soundstage. And why was they're new headquarters soaking wet - does it not have a roof? 


Thought it was a bit strange that Johnn was with everyone else at the end.  Every person there is the lead of their own show except for.. Johnn who is clearly just hanging around like a bad smell and the others don't have the heart to tell him to F off. 

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They're already planning their next big crossover on what the producer says is "Endgames catering budget". I do wonder where they can go from here, I don't know many DC stories that are on the level of Crisis.


Maybe we get Injustice and have an evil dictator superman?

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On 15/01/2020 at 19:36, makkuwata said:

Looking forward to some sort of impact in either case. Crossover saved!


Welp, Supergirl wasted no time hanging a lantern on it. :lol:


If J'onn were to restore the memories of everyone on Earth Prime it would reconfigure relationships on such a massive scale everyone's minds would literally be blown. Main cast members have plotforce on their side. Comic books!


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Earth Prime thinks they’re all gone/folded into one (and from Flash last night they tried breaching to other earths and didn’t work)


The end of crisis voice over was (so far) and excuse for loads of cameos/east eggs for fans



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