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Playstation, State of Play: 10/12/2019 Today 2pm GMT


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Not seen this come up yet but I think it's worth a topic. There's "around 20 minutes of new game reveals," which might be mostly indie reveals but then again maybe we'll see Resident Evil 3 remake debuted (as 2 did at Sony's E3). I've not seen it suggested elsewhere but what if Bluepoint finally put us out of our misery and officially unveil whatever they're making (likely Demon Souls please don't lynch me when this wild speculation proves false!). 





I bet there is a topic somewhere but I am not so good with the search function (and by search function I mean using my eyes obviously!)


Content was:

Untitled Goose Game (release date, December 17th)

Spellbreak (3rd person battle royale spell slinger)


Dreams (release date February 14th)

Superliminal (interesting looking first person puzzle game playing with scale and perspective)


Paper Beast (Eric Chahi VR title, looks like a sandbox sort of puzzle game featuring an eco system of 'paper beasts')



Predator: Hunting Grounds (Another look at the asynchronous multiplayer game)

Babylons Fall (Squeenix / Platinum Games title. Looks like an action RPG with what you'd usually expect from a combat title from Platinum, looked a little influenced by Astral Chain too)


Resident Evil 3 (Basically that multiplayer game they annnounced a while back is now packaged in with Resident Evil 3) It looked a little ropey to me, but too quick a look to judge fully


Ken Kutaragi giving the queens speech for Playstations 25th anniversary

Ghosts of Tsushima (a short teaser concluding that the full trailer will be at the game awards)



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