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Black Desert Online Mobile


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The Black Desert mobile game is out now and is surprisingly fun. It's similar but definitely not the same game as the original. More streamlined but with a lot of similar basics.







I'm playing on the EU Balenos server. Family name Worldwalker.

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I've been playing this all weekend and despite my initial intention not to like it I find myself playing it fairly obessively. Obviously on the pvp side (At cap) I've read it's fairly P2W but not to the same extremes as the regular game and you don't have to engage with the PVP at all.


Some of the worst elements of the base game have been altered here. Gear upgrades no longer have the stupid failstack system and instead you pour blackstones into a piece of gear until the percentage chance of the upgrade happening is at a place you're comfortable with (100% generally). accessory upgrades are still stupid though.


There's many qol improvements. After you level up your black spirit enough (By feeding it spare gear and dark energy) you get the ability to auto fight anywhere but a first time boss fight and later auto gather. The auto fight sounds bad but it's common in these games and generally works well.


If you leave your character auto fighting in an area (It's BD. Grinding is most definitaly a thing) after a predetermined time a screensave will appear to save your battery. There's also a "black spirit mode" that you can unlock where if you kick it off in a grind area it'll literally shut down the app and the next time you open hand over your loot and xp (Max three hours if you don't spend money).


There's a full questline to take you around the areas and it's as terribly written as eveything else in BD. There's a lot of resource managent and worker stuff to do to build up your camp and a lot of stuff is account shareable. You can move your armour between characters just like the regular game.


It's pretty mindless but also pretty entertaining. Certainly worth a try and if your device can't handle it you can play it on the PC android emulator of your choice.

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37 minutes ago, df0 said:

Looks fun. Hopefully it's better than that waste of time and space Elder Scrolls: Blades.


I can't attest to the longevity of this (Most of these mobile f2p games are essentially just time wasters after all) but it's already streets ahead of shite like Blades.

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4 hours ago, Profgoten said:

I've been toying with this one myself, I played lineage 2 on mobile for a while and that was fun... although the auto battle defeated the point of playing an MMO imo.


I've been treating this more as a management game to be honest. Apart from the first fight against a boss I can let the fights happen themselves while I organise stuff in the background. To be honest the touch controls are pretty rubbishb anyway :)

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Unfortunately, maintenance for iOS devices will be extended until further notice due to delays on the App Store. Please wait patiently with us as we wait for the App Store to finish distribution and necessary updates.


■ Maintenance extended for iOS device users.

- Schedule: (UTC-8) 00:00 ~ Until further notice, December 17, 2019.

- We are currently awaiting Apple App Store to finish distribution of Black Desert Mobile.
We will keep you updated on the current situation via this announcement.

※ Compensation rewards for the extended maintenance will be sent out to your mailbox. These rewards will be available until 00:00, December 27th, 2019. Please claim the rewards before they expire. Only Families that have been created before the maintenance will be applicable.

※ The duration of timed buffs will be extended to accommodate for the extended maintenance.

※ Please note that the additional rewards will only be provided to users who last played Black Desert Mobile on iOS devices.
※ [Kzarka Summon Scrolls] x1 will be sent out in the case the extended maintenace passes the Kzarka World Boss Raid time.



■ Maintenance will end as scheduled for Android (Google Play Store, etc.) device users.

- Schedule: (UTC-8) 00:00 ~ 05:00 December 17, 2019

- Key updates: Holiday events, UI fixes, Pearl Shop updates etc.

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