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What’s the most amount of times you’ve bought the same game?

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I’ve just bought The Witcher 3 for the 4th time, I bought it and completed it when it came out, sold it, bought it again after the DLCs were released, bought it on PC when I got a new PC as I wanted to see how well it would run it, and I’ve now just bought it for a 4th time on Switch, not sure why, just fancied giving it a go in handheld,


I’ve done this plenty of times in the past, I’ve probably owned Final Fantasy 7 possibly 10 times on various formats throughout the years,


What would you say is the game you have purchased the most amount of times?


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I bought Advance Wars (GBA) three times; the first copy was a US import purchased in late 2001 from a local indie games shop. I later sold the game on, because I didn’t have any other money for games. And then I later rebought Advance Wars twice via forums. Can’t remember what happened to my second copy or why I needed to replace it, though.

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Sonic the Hedgehog


Mega Drive x2

Mega Drive JP

Mega Drive (part of Sonic Collection)


Saturn (Sonic Jam)

GameCube (Sonic Mega Collection)

PS2 (Sonic Mega Collection Plus)

PSP (Sega Classics)

Xbox 360 Arcade

Xbox 360 (Sega Classics)

Xbox 360 (Sonic Generations)

PC (Steam)

PC (Sega Classics)

Wii (VC)



iPod (click wheel)

iOS (original)

iOS (2013 remaster)


Switch (Sega Ages)

Switch (Sega Classics)



Plus several versions of the 8bit one but that’s technically a different game.


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BioShock 1 and 2 probably.

360, PS3, PC for the original releases, then the remasters on both PS4 and Xbox One (PC version was a free upgrade, would have bought them both again if it wasn't though).

Yes, I will buy the inevitable Switch ports too.

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1 hour ago, strawdonkey said:

Streets of Rage 2 - Mega Drive, Xbox 360, PC (Mega Drive Collection), Vita (same), 3DS

Hah, almost the same. :) Had it on the Mega Drive and later the PS3 Mega Drive compilation; currently have it on (another) original Mega Drive cartridge, a bootleg multi-game cart, a 3DS download, and on last year’s Mega Drive compilation. I don’t even like Streets of Rage 2 very much, it’s just one of the few retrogames that my sister likes to play with me in two-player mode.


(Wasn’t SoR2 also on one of the Sonic compilations for the GameCube?)

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