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Mythic Quest: Season 2 out 7th May

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I watched this over the last month and loved it. I expected to hate it because it would get gamedev 'wrong', but its heart was in the right place, and it got it right enough not to matter.  Poppy was great.


  (The biggest 'wrongness' was the role of Poppy, who seemed to be lead programmer, lead designer, and sometimes animator, which is not how big teams work. It was all forgivable for the sake of keeping the character list down I guess, but I would have preferred a recognition that programmers generally aren't designing gameplay features, they're just implementing them, and when you stay up all night to program a new feature, you don't get new animation for free.)

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2 hours ago, Quest said:

I only really liked the Dark Quiet Death episode. Just make more like that.

You didn't like Quarantine? :o


I wasn't a huge fan of the first episode, but it grew on me with every episode after that and I loved it by the end. A Dark Quiet Death was very good indeed mind.

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