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The Official Rllmuk Games of the Decade - Complete


Which Gaming Decade Was Your Favourite?  

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We're all pretty familiar with the past year I would say. What with stuff like Australia being on fire and generally putting trivial shit like gaming arguments into perspective. I think this pretty much sums up that we're all fucked and humans were a mistake:






We've literally just done the awards for 2019 so head there for the words, but as for their decade worthiness, well...

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13 hours ago, Benny said:


36. Persona 5. 2016


If not for some of the minigame design (airlocks, rat mazes etc that overstay their welcome) it would probably be my favourite in the series. Hopefully Royal has a better chance in future polls. :) 

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That's a decent Top 10, to be fair and Zelda rightfully deserves the too spot. How close was the Top 2 positions @Benny?


Thanks for the amout of effort you've put into these as well. Every year they're a fantastic read. Forum knighthood, mods?

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19 minutes ago, Benny said:

Poll added for your favourite decade. Shortly as a bonus I'll post up the highest scoring decade based on the score of the top 5 games voted for in each...

I don't think the word decade means what you think it means... 


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Best Years By Quality

The scores by points from the top 100 games:


2019 - 236 points

2012 - 431 points

2018 - 444 points

2013 - 595 points

2014 - 636 points

2016 - 728 points

2010 - 889 points

2015 - 994 points

2011 - 1030 points

2017 - 1465 points



Best Years by Quantity

The number of games in the top 100 from each decade:


2014 - 5 games

2011 - 8 games

2019 - 9 games

2013 - 9 games

2018 - 10 games

2015 - 10 games

2012 - 11 games

2016 - 12 games

2017 - 13 games

2010 - 14 games



The overall best decade of gaming: 2017!


The worst: 2019!

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