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21 hours ago, Thor said:

There's a lot to like in the game, but it never ever deserved the 10/10 ratings it got from the media at release. It's a 7/10 game with 10/10 graphics. 


Can only assume you're talking about God of War here :sherlock:

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1 hour ago, Thor said:

Wiper is (lightly) trolling you, Jamie.


It's all subjective anyway. Ace Combat 7, to me, isn't all that. And Shenmue III ... better than GoW? Come on Wiper... ;)


Yeah, I may have been teasing a little with that list; though I do really enjoy all of the games I selected, and do actually like them more than GoW - with the exception of Tetris 99, which really isn't for me at all!

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13 hours ago, Wiper said:


I'm not sure there's a single month in 2019 where God of War was better than everything that came out. Let's see, limiting myself to just one game each month:


January - Ace Combat 7

February - Tetris 99

March - The Occupation

April - Anno 1800

May - The Outer Wilds

June - Judgment

July - Fire Emblem: Three Houses

August - The Ninja Saviours: Return of the Warriors

September - Sayonara Wildhearts

October - Disco Elysium

November - Shenmue III

December - Wattam


Yep, the principle holds. Sorry, God of War :(


I've played 8 of those games, and God of War absolutely obliterates almost all of them. But then, I really like the style of Game that God of War is going for. 

Also, they're all so different that it's hard to even compare. It's a futile exercise of apples and oranges. 


Worth pointing out, that for me Tetris 99, Outer Wilds and Fire Emblem : Three Houses are the stand out titles. 


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