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Rllmuk Dungeons and Dragons 5e - Ghosts of Saltm... BZZzzzt - The Curse of Strahd!


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Faerun is a continent in a process of regeneration. The Giant incursion was thwarted by Foehammer, Kel'doran,Farren, Billin, Tamth, Cora and Lori but the land is still recovering, cities and towns are being rebuilt, families reunited and communities finding their way back once more. The death curse threatened to undo all the good that was being done as Acererak tried to bring forth a bastard godling. This dastardly plot was defeated by Errick, Feneth, Krynn, Ariana and Roscoe.


And so the land recovers once more from cataclysmic times. During this time of rebuilding great resources and wealth are needed. Areas not as harshly hit by the Giants are having to provide more of the economic backbone to Faerun. Some of them are happy about this, some would prefer their easier life to continue.


With this in mind we focus in on a little known fishing town of Saltmarsh. It is on the Sword Coast just south of Neverwinter nestling on the northern edge of Dead Men's Mere. A place that thrives on fishing and "commerce" (mostly unofficial smuggling). Now it has to absorb changes as resources are needed to help the regeneration efforts. The place is more vibrant now and with more coin around and more commerce of all kinds it has intrigued adventurers and uncovered long forgotten old local legends. Some of these are old wive's tales but some seemingly have more substance and hint at greater mysteries both here and abroad.


A new band of adventurers has arrived in Saltmarsh looking for their fortune or their destiny as they tackle... dun Dun DUUUNNN!





Our new campaign has 7 players


@The Hierophant





@Nathan Wind

and one other who doesn't currently have a forum account


So far the party are as follows -


Warforged druid - a construct of metal and wood and stone that is sentient

Half elf rogue

Tiefling Sorceror

Human Cleric

Dwarven barbarian

Tabaxi fighter

Halfling Monk







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I really enjoye that session thankyou - even though you made me make people up on the fly as usual :D... the adventure hook was a little obvious but it gets it going and i thought the flavour of Olly's backstory worked well.


Nice moments with I don't speak dwarvish and the flustered young dwarf and the poacher exposition Fellows :D


its good to explore my range of 3 accents/characters


And Saerdan is going to get ALOT from that garden view!



EDIT - i realise with 7 characters it is hard to get all voices in ALL the time but I think we did ok and hope it will nicely bed in as we go

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I was very nervous to start with, but you guys provide such a relaxing environment. I had a great time, thank you.


I would have felt so guilty if Gazes had died! I did not even think to target his spiders first. I guess RP wise it made sense though haha!

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8 hours ago, Nathan Wind said:

Fuck cheese and fuck spiders.


Edit - and fuck town council clerks! For a pirate of some renown, this was a difficult first session.


Woah, woah, woah.  Simon the clerk Holfstad was just doing his job!


@Totile It was good to have you along as well. :) Gazes definitely had those spiders.  Definitely.

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10 hours ago, Totile said:

I was very nervous to start with, but you guys provide such a relaxing environment. I had a great time, thank you.


I would have felt so guilty if Gazes had died! I did not even think to target his spiders first. I guess RP wise it made sense though haha!


Hope we didn't all talk too much for you to get many words in! :D 

It's always a bit more difficult to jump in over microphone (and there are even more of us now).. but it was really fun having new dynamics between all new characters and especially having a couple of new voices in the mix!


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there are other ways to do it - all travelling on same cart is one.... being called to same place for adventuring my local dignatory etc etc.


This one I tried is a little more open you are all manhandled into one location via an intro (well not seeriously manhandled as alot of people hit the inn when looking for adventure) and then see what happens... a few nudges here and there from NPC etc overheard chatter... I decided on it when I saw Olly's backstory as it gave a nice opening of him busrting into bar after his latest escapade.


If you hadn't picked up on Fellers then there were other threads to pick up elsewhere - it felt more railroaded than I designed it  as there were other options - that is why I had to invent Simon as I hadn't allowed for that even though it seemed obvious to you cos you went that path.

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3 hours ago, MDY said:

Our new collection of misfits adventuring party as minis!

(Apologies for any inaccuracies in my interpretations - was just messing about in HeroForge and got carried away..) :D






That is brilliant! 



2 hours ago, Hexx said:

Searden is about 50m too far forward ;)




Ummm, he should be further forward, i.e. away from the haunted house.

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