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Rllmuk Dungeons and Dragons 5e - Ghosts of Saltm... BZZzzzt - The Curse of Strahd!


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Yes hope all is well Doctor Shark.


We had a short session that put in place framework for post battle plans for party on sea ghost and for Archibald travelling back.


We will reconvene next week to finish that off and see where our adventure takes us next :D


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Brief Recap:


Gazes looked out for the Duregar Wizard he booted overboard but he seemed to have either vanished or sank..

Realising Glen was alive (albeit unconscious and looking different) he was taken to a cabin to recover..

Caliban and Samson checked the rest of the ship. They found the mercenary (Bayleaf) and cultist who escaped the island recently dead below deck..

Perhaps tomorrow  Barley can ask them what happened and if they know what happened to Brom and Leif (no sign of them onboard - so there's still hope..)

The ship required more than a day of repairs, which we have been able to make.. and plan to set sail once they are complete..


In the meantime, Archibald appeared on the mainland a few days walk from Saltmarsh. Thanks to the ring, being easily hidden, he could rest at nights without incident.

He almost encountered a party of bandits, but luckily spotted movement in the trees and was able to stealth away..

Eventually he was able to get a ride from a passing wine merchant and we ended as the cart drives into a (nothing looking amiss) Salmarsh..


Oh, the mercenary had a pair of magic Boots of Striding and Springing.. might be of use to Barley?




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19 minutes ago, Doctor Shark said:

I get this now:





That doesn’t look like the 5th Ed version. 





1 Action 


30 ft (*)


V, S, M *


Concentration 1 Minute




DEX Save


Control (...) 

A sphere of shimmering force encloses a creature or object of Large size or smaller within range. An unwilling creature must make a Dexterity saving throw. On a failed save, the creature is enclosed for the duration.


Nothing--not physical objects, energy, or other spell effects--can pass through the barrier, in or out, though a creature in the sphere can breathe there. The sphere is immune to all damage, and a creature or object inside can't be damaged by attacks or effects originating from outside, nor can a creature inside the sphere damage anything outside it.


The sphere is weightless and just large enough to contain the creature or object inside. An enclosed creature can use its action to push against the sphere's walls and thus roll the sphere at up to half the creature's speed. Similarly, the globe can be picked up and moved by other creatures.


A disintegrate spell targeting the globe destroys it without harming anything inside it.


* - (a hemispherical piece of clear crystal and a matching hemispherical piece of gum arabic)



Super cool!

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