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Rllmuk Dungeons and Dragons 5e - Ghosts of Saltm... BZZzzzt - The Curse of Strahd!


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I won't be able to make tomorrow's session I'm afraid. Sorry I've been a bit higgledy piggledy recently, but things should be back to normal for me from next week.


AI for Samson is obviously to remain extremely calm and sensible at all times, quietly peek through keyholes before cracking open doors... Nah, you know the drill. :D

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Guys I’m unsure as how to proceed with our reconnaissance mission and we just dithered about for most of last session. There’s clearly too many enemies for us to barge in, and yet the council wants a more complete picture than we can currently give. Can anyone cast invisibility? Pass without trace? Anything to make us more stealthy? Currently it feels as though we’re being set up to fail. 

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Here is some game mechanicy stuff to note


1) if you have disadvantage on stealth due to armour you can remove the armour and carry it (or switch to other armour that isn't a disadvantage) - you are no longer at disadvantage.

2) Sound does not carry as much underwater unless a water based creature has sonar or equivalent so might not be as easy to hear you

3) From what you have seen underwater visibility isn't as good through water as it is dry

4) When you travel as a group doing stealth checks there is an element of taking all the rolls and seeing how many are high or low - 1 person rolling a 1 is not an insta-fail.

5) If you do get spotted it does not mean the entire place falls on you immediately - if you deal with them and they don't raise an alarm then you might get away with it AND you have a bag of holding which can usually be used to store bodies in as long as they aren't too big (human sized ish ones are ok)


I am not saying you should go blundering in etc - there are no guarantees - I only mention the above as they may not be obvious in terms of gamey-mechanicy type stuff :)



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