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Rllmuk Dungeons and Dragons 5e - Ghosts of Saltm... BZZzzzt - The Curse of Strahd!


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Thats cool , apologies for no reply was just waiting to see if anyone else was missing.

We are missing Walks and Barley but I think we will continue as we are gaining a bit of momentum in the base recon mission and Barley and Sardan tend to be hanging backa  bit due to lack of dark vision etc.


I will control Walks purely for battle but it will be simple attacks etc.



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1 hour ago, Sardan said:

There are always bits in our campaigns where I think, “I wonder how that fitted in”.


And then there are bits where I think, “he was just f*cking with us, wasn’t he?”

you never know it could be WoTC fucking with you :D


I love the little off the wall  touches in campaigns (and those that I add). Some are linked and interlinked etc with actual purpose and relevance to the overarching plot - others are just delightfully little red (lobster) herrings.




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More seriously for @Doctor Sharkand @Nathan Wind here is a very rough set of notes


Battle with Sahuagin patrol you came across. Both were tough and joined by two sharks that carried a nasty bite - Samson and Caliban take the brunt of the damage but prevail.


Archibald uses his octopus to explore the 2nd level a bit and finds a banqueting hall and a lobster hiding in a storeroom who seems to be able to communicate telepathically. The lobster passes on the layout of the base and numbers as best it can and asks for its freedom in exchange.


The Party leave the base and head back to the ship with the help of the Locathah. They take their Sahuagin prisoner with them.


Back on the ship

Samson, Sardan, Barley resting

Archibald, Glen, Caliban and Walks stay up

Day 27

Shift changes til all rested. The lobster is freed by Samson and Sardan

Day 28

You interrogated the Sahuagin and Glen tried to persuade the prisoner that he(Glen) is in contact with Slarkrethel AND that the Kraken (his god) is controlled by another creature and forcing it to bend to its will. The Sahuagin seems unsure but says he will tell Baron Kepmak if they let him go. Glen says he wishes to accompany him back to the base to explain himself. The sahuagin indicates that he needs a show of trust - He asks you to take him to Saltmarsh to see the council and have them willingly let him go back to pass on this news to show good faith and belief in this tale of gods being controlled.


The party agrees to this and head back to Saltmarsh. Greeted by Merril Proudfoot who quickly calls for two guards to accompany them to the jail to discuss this with Eliander. Also indicated ballista cannot be fitted to the small keelboat as it won't handle the weight under firing conditions.


The party notice a Gallows and are told that Spear'd is to be hung in the morning.


They go to Eliander and tell him that Glen is in contact with kraken , the kraken is controlled by the illithid and we can parlay with the Sahuagin and avoid war. He seems sceptical (very much so regarding Glen and indicates they shouldn't tell the council about his contact with the Kraken) and will think it over in the evening as he pores over the base plans supplied by the party.


Spear'd is discussed. He confessed and tried to implicate Anders Solomon and Skerrin. There is no evidence and so sentence will be carried out tomorrow morning at 10am. Eliander cannot think of a way to commute the sentence or delay to investigate any collusion -  he would need to persuade two other council members to vote for delay.


ANd so the party wandered off into the early evening with much to think about

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