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Forza 8

Boozy The Clown

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2 hours ago, Fargo said:

Been playing Forza 6 today and I’d forgotten just how much better the presentation is than in Forza 7. The music and overall menu is much slicker. I hope Forza 8 goes back to this. 

This. I found 7 rather unpleasant and un classy. It was a real step backwards. 

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9 hours ago, Jashin said:

It’s some way from being a sim really, although the direction F7 took was indeed pretty naff.


The cards were a weird addition but micro transactions were all the rage then. 


Agreed on it not being a sim and it's all the better for it. I tried Project Cars 2 the other day and I was terrible at it, I like my racing games to make me think I actually can drive not make me realise I'm a terrible driver. 

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Well GT v Forza is the new C64 v Spectrum.


But GT's game structure and insistence on matching opponents to you is even more severe than Forza's and I find it a LOT more tricky on a pad to Forza 7.  Anything that requires a wheel to be effective is outside the "normal people" designation for me.



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8 hours ago, Fletch said:

I've not played GT for years is it still a maze of incomprehensible menus with a jazz accompaniment? 




I played GT2 a bit recently and the one takeaway was it was amazing how quick the menus was.  Like you went to get in a car and you got in that car.


It didn't load a 3d model of that car then slowly display it before you got the option then display a long animation of the car after some more loadng.

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