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Formula One - 2020

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1 hour ago, marsh said:

Nah, F1 circus on the MD was the king of F1 console games. Telling Flank Wirriams to stick his contract up his arse was priceless.


I don't know it, I'll give it a try.  But Retro F1 games? Can do!


2020-10-12 14.23.54.jpg

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Nope, aside from super monaco GP, the only megadrive F1 game you needed was F1 Circus. It was made pretty much entirely in english, and very much the kind of 'journey/career' mode you get in race games now. Years ahead of it's time. I was overjoyed when I learned of a mega cd version, and then pissed off when it turned out to be absolute shite. And it really is dreadful considering it was a licensed game when the first one was you know, a bit loose round the edges.


Gerhard Belgar? Riccardo Patleze? Nigel Manserr? nope, never heard of her. Basically any of the sponsors of a race were got around by either dropping a letter from the name or changing a letter. Olvetti, Mobl 1, Sholl etc. 

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Mine was Geoff Crammond GP on PC using a keyboard years after it came out that my parents got me as part of a multi game bundle from PC World. I played a lot of Papyrus Indy 500 as well but oval racing is boring so it was mostly me trying to cause the biggest crash possible by driving the wrong way. I lusted after Virtua Racing on the  MD and rented it a few times but never owned it until the Switch port.

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2 hours ago, Dudley said:

I think we've talked about this but of course I had both of those :)  One of the few early games with a course designer.


My first though... well that's easy.






I had CF. And this:





Look at how complex that is on a 48K spectrum!!!


And Project Cars 3 can't even do tyre wear.



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My brother reminded me yesterday that my first racing game was actually:




But I was probably too young to remember (about three or so). I do vaguely remember me crashing and my little driver jumping up and down by the side of my smouldering wreck of a car, mind!


Whilst Grand Prix Circuit and Grand Prix Unlimited were okay, it was Microprose Grand Prix that really gave me the racing bug. I was about 9 and I was literally a little walking encyclopedia of F1 randomly quoting stats and stories to my parents (no doubt to the surprise of precisely no-one here) so having a game where I could feel like I was genuinely racing against Nigel Mansell Robert Davis, Ayrton Senna Carlos Sanchez and Michael Schumacher Helmut Becker was ace.


My main memory of it is that - as a reward for winning a medal in my regional swimming tournament - my brother set up a hotseat season for me and him. We both used the Lambo team (that mistakenly uses the Coloni livery) and set the races to 20%; doing that meant by starting at 10 in the morning we'd probably be finished with the whole season within two days.


Anyway, we started the season off (in Phoenix, wow - that's a blast from the past) and for the first half of the season I was a solid second-best to my brother, which you'd expect given that I was 9 and he was 18. Then, somewhere around Magny Cours, I developed the technique of keyboard-tapping the throttle out of corners and taking traction help off, which really launched me towards the front and suddenly put my brother under serious pressure. I still hadn't won a race and I was getting so close it began to annoy me. I distinctly remember covering up my second-place finisher's applause on the post-race cutscene after Hockenheim because my brother had overtaken my on the penultimate lap and I was furious :lol:.


Eventually I won a race. My brother had managed to adapt to the throttle-tapping and as such kept a slim margin of performance over me, but at Estoril he made a mistake at turn one, ran off the track and span, which let me through to take my first (and only, as it turned out) win of the season. He won the title pretty easily and we won the constructors without breaking too much sweat. Fond memories :).


We did have a sequel to this on Grand Prix 2 which produced the hilarious/legendary line 'THIS IS NOT BUMPER CARS, YOU KNOW', but that's a tedious story for another day never.

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3 hours ago, kiroquai said:

We did have a sequel to this on Grand Prix 2 which produced the hilarious/legendary line 'THIS IS NOT BUMPER CARS, YOU KNOW', but that's a tedious story for another day never.


The Muk was built on tedious stories. Let's have it! :D

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I guess I must be alone in thinking it's feasable? they can't decide what route to go down with engine regs anyway, why not stick with what they have, freeze development, and wait to see what pans out of the course of the next five years?


I mean I lol'd at the 'we can't afford to develop' the engine bit as clearly that's as balls as Helmuts driver development program...

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