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Formula One - 2020

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1 minute ago, mexos said:

This is proper Mickey Mouse. What happened to pre-weekend track inspections? This is not a new issue.

I quite like it, it’s a reminder that F1 is a real event run by real people, not just some slick TV show.

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Haven’t managed to catch any practice this weekend, so there are the first laps I’ve seen on this track.

This is a wonderful track, so much undulation, on boards look great. I’d love to see a nose cam, or helmet cam view, looks like a lot of it will be almost completely unsighted from the driver’s perspective.

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It depends what kind of Williams they want to run.


But given they're stuck with this car next year so they're not moving forward and they know Russell is unlikely to be their long term future, or at least it's not in their hands then there's an argument to sack him off if there's more money to be had.

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Only just caught up. Totally not surprised to hear David "Red Bull in my veins" Coulthard blame Stroll for "turning in on Max" and "expecting Max to back off, but we all know, Max doesn't back off" and then brushing over his radio with something about frustration.


People (Horner, Coulthard, the media) need to stop giving Max the old rusty trombone treatment, he's a hot head, has a father with anger management issues and believes he's god's gift to motor racing. 

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