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Formula One - 2020

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38 minutes ago, mexos said:

Front looks really interesting and different. 


The noses are looking really slim this year. The Red Bull has a really skinny one too. I also can't get over how small the air intakes are across all of them these days.

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1 hour ago, grounded_dreams said:

The second season of the documentary, Drive to Survive, starts on the 28th of this month: 




I just did a little sex wee.


Also: Williams officially have the best livery. Who would have thought it.

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6 hours ago, marsh said:

Is using last years car allowed? It's got a whiff of 'we've run out of money' about it.


They're not using last year's car. They just haven't made any fundamental concept changes, this is true of most teams this year.


That said, yes it's entirely allowed if the rules haven't changed and used to be a hell of a lot more commonplace.

5 hours ago, JohnC said:




I see SportPesa fucked off.  That's one hell of a title sponsor logo.

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They are so embarrassed that they did a livery launch with last years car and hoped noone would notice the difference. Still, seemed pretty quick yesterday.


I watched most of Sky's coverage yesterday. It was pretty good. They had the whole team there bar Brundle plus the GP2 team. I was releived to see mr. Kravitz present and accounted for after last year's fiasco. They did some good analysis of the new cars and the changes. 


Was nice to see the Williams being the first onto the track as well.


And there was no red flag! Not one! For the whole first day of testing. 

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