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Phantasy Star Online 2 - Comes West "US only" Closed Beta 7/8th Feb


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Its been requested that I create a new, more up to date thread.



As per the title, Phantasy Star Online 2  is being released as a F2P title in the West for the first time (almost a decade after its original release). So far there's only plans for a US release on Windows 10 and XBox One.


This weekend SEGA/Microsoft are running a closed beta via the XBox Insider program for XBox One, with the final release scheduled for Spring 2020.


Thankfully the fact it's US only won't stop people from being able to sign up and SEGA have said themselves that they game won't be location locked (they used to ban non-Japanese accounts). I don't know if sign ups are still open, but you can try by following these instructions from @Siri




Download the X-Box Insider app, on your PC or X-Box

- Change your X-Box or PC's regional settings to United States (Of you're on XBox, it will restart the console)

- Open Insider App, apply for the beta



Once you've done that and if the process still allows you to apply youll be able to download the client right away though the server's don't go live till 5PM PST on the 7th February (which I think is 1am on the 8th here).


Sega have a bunch of events planned for this weekend that players can take part in:




8 to 8:30 p.m. PT – Cradle of Darkness

10 to 10:30 p.m. PT – Giant Automata: The Awakening


7 to 7:30 a.m. PT – Cradle of Darkness

1 to 1:30 p.m. PT – Giant Automata: The Awakening

5 to 5:30 p.m. PT – Cradle of Darkness

8:30 to 9 p.m. PT – The Raging Obsidian Arm

9 to 9:30 p.m. PT – Elder of the Unfathomable Abyss

February 8th Concert

8 to 8:15pm PT – Performing “Our Fighting” and “Eternal Encore,” which provide temporary EXP Points Rate Increase, Meseta Drop Rate Increase, and Rare Drop Rate Increase.



And there'll be exclusive items to unlock:




Complete 1 Urgent Quest – Photon Halo C (Accessory), Triboost +100% (Consumable)

Complete 2 Urgent Quests – Photon Halo A (Accessory), Triboost +100% (Consumable)

Complete 3 Urgent Quests – Mag Dreamcast (Evolution Device), Triboost +100% (Consumable)

Complete 4 Urgent Quests – Coated Edge (Weapon Camo), Triboost +100% (x10) (Consumable)



Again, PSO2 will be free to play and whilst there's no indication of how the business model will be handed in the West (which is also why people think there hasn't been an announcement for outside of America yet due to different countries having different regulations on lootboxes etc now) I did watch the following video the other day which suggests that in Japan at least pretty much everything is purchasable by just playing the game and using Meseta, though you also have the option to buy stuff using your debit/credit card if you don't want to grind it out:



I did check the launcher once I'd downloaded it and there are seven ships/servers available with your character and friends list being tied to that ship.


A few more things.

Phil Spencer has said the game isn't a Microsoft exclusive in the West


It's actually available on multiple platforms in Japan (yes including a Switch version of some sort) and people on Resetera have discovered the games manual mentions a Steam version


I'll add more as I come across it, but I'm very excited to give this a go. I did have a try years back when the fan translation was in its early days but struggled with the amount of stuff I couldn't read not to mention I didn't have a PC capable of running it at the time.


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9 hours ago, wev said:

And whilst there's apparently a lot of customisation available when creating your character, your race and class cannot be changed once you've chosen them.




You can change class on a character, at least from what I remember when last playing - the things you can't change is the Passive Skills you choose for that class (unless you pay money to reset or get a new loadout, or there's a balance change), and your current character level.


For example, if I'm Ranger level 40 and I want to choose Force, I can freely swap between them - but Ranger will be on level 40 until I go back to it, and going to Force means I'm level 1 again.


On the bright side, your completed bounties DO stay with you - so you can do stuff as a level 40 ranger, hold the completed bounties while switching to Force, and then turn them in for a massive leveling boost. Even more so if you get a double/triple XP ticket that particular day and pop it when you want to level another class (you can hold them indefinitely, most of the time).

EDIT: I watched that Ginger Prime video that @wev linked, it's really good! This guy has also made a new player guide:


Learnt a lot of stuff that I didn't know about or has been brought in since I last played - There's now tutorials for each class, recommended bounties when you now start up a quest, having friends earn FUN points by borrowing their character as an NPC, and even multiple autochat messages that your character will spit out in certain situations!

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14 minutes ago, Cootinho said:

Is this going to be Windows/Xbox Cross play?

Yes! I don't know if that will include both UWP and Steam versions, but considering games like Killer Instinct and Halo on Steam, it shouldn't be a problem.

Note that it's not compatible with the original JP version, which had cross-play between PC, PS4, Vita, and Switch. 

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I've just done Chapter 0 and i can tell i'm going to love this!  :wub:


Now i have to wait for the rest of the game to download, which'll probably take a whille.  :(


Gonna check out some Youtube videos in the meantime. That Ginger Prime channel linked above seems very decent.

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Alfin calling Falzspawn 'wankers' has been a highlight.


Taking a break after a good few hours - now it's all translated, there's a fucking ton to do. There's a lot more added since I last played as well, such as the material gathering/café stuff and the tutorials.


Currently on ship 2, but in all honesty when the open beta is out I'm not that bothered to throw some money to move ships. I'll probably play this a lot now I can sit through the tutorials and understand things!


Ps. Machine Guns are absolute quality

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To be honest, there isn't one yet - matchmaking is determined entirely by the ship you're playing on, and nobody's decided on a ship - so when that's decided we'll have to move there, which involves actual money.


Not that I mind chucking money at this game, especially if it's only a few quid.


Thanks to the changed emergency quest schedule that happened because of the downtime this morning, it's been a lot more friendlier to my sleep schedule to get them done - next ones are at 8pm and 11pm, respectively.


Oh, and if you're playing, there's a survey on the website - when they release the full game, they'll credit 500AC. Ship transfers are 350AC on the JPN version.


The Emergency quests are a riot when they're populated - Big Val getting ganked by 12 players never gets old. And I got some lovely H&S 25 Justices from the hard version!

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32 minutes ago, SuperBrother said:

Anyone know what carries over from the beta? I’ve got some ace tekkered ? weapons for my hunter


The only thing they've stated is 'Closed Beta Test players will be able to transfer their progress to the Open Beta period and launch!' I'm expecting that to be everything, to be honest.

I'm pretty much done with the Closed Beta, unless there's still time tomorrow - Couldn't hit level 40 to try VH Mode on the Emergency Quests, unfortunately, but at least that means there's still loads to chew on during the Open Beta.

I still think machine guns are silly - for a weapon archetype that's supposed to be about close range, single-target combat with guns, Desperado Dance is rather good at erasing entire packs of enemies!

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On 08/02/2020 at 08:13, wev said:

What ship are you playing on?

Sorry, I was travelling yesterday. So annoying they've scheduled this beta this weekend as I'll probably miss out on that Dreamcast Mag.


Anyway, the beta has been extended!




Good news, Arks! We are extending the Closed Beta Test and giving you a few more hours to experience the game on Sunday, February 9th. We are still actively working on our servers, so the service will still need to be interrupted this Saturday, February 8th at midnight, 12:00 AM (PST). Servers will undergo maintenance from morning until late afternoon on Sunday and will be open again from 5:00 PM (PST) to 12:00 AM (PST).

During these additional hours on Sunday, we will be adding URGENT QUESTS to the schedule. Completing those will also count towards your requirements for acquiring the Closed Beta Test’s Special Rewards.

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I have converted the extended schedule to UK time. I think it's correct.


February 9th Extended Schedule


Attention: Servers will shut down Sunday, 0800



0800 (Sunday) – 0100 (Monday)

Server Maintenance (Users won't be able to log in)


0100 (Monday)

Servers Open (Start of Extended Period)

0400 – 0430

Giant Automata: The Awakening


0600 – 0630

Elder of the Unfathomable Abyss



Server Shutdown (End of the Closed Beta Test)

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1 hour ago, SuperBrother said:

Oh well, wait for the open beta then.

I guess inconvenient maintenance times will continue post launch given the time difference.


I did write that down as a concern on the survey - not necessarily maintenance, but the emergency quests. The original schedule was something awful like 1-6am for everything, but the revised timetable was perfect.


Speaking of which - don't forget to fill that in for free AC. IIRC, you go to the website, log in with your MS account, and then there's some support page where you file a ticket. The surgery is a category there.



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Ive had very little time to play this, yesterday was my daughter's 7th birthday and today Ive got to inspect the garden fence which was blown over in the night and make sure we can, at the very least, stop the dog from getting out

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