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Bleeding Edge | March 24th | Ninja Theory


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Bleeding Edge is 4x4 team arcade fighting multiplayer that fuses combo mechanics with dynamic 3rd person action. Team up and execute powerful synergised attacks to become an unstoppable force in the face of your enemies - freeze foes in time, control minds, ride missles and unleash electrifying guitar solos in a fast-paced yet strategic combat system that rewards technique, timing and teamwork.


Developed by British developer Ninja Theory and published by Xbox Game Studios for Xbox One Windows 10 and Steam, scheduled to launch on March 24, 2020. It will be available on Game Pass day one.


How do I play in the beta?

You’ll need to pre-order Bleeding Edge on Xbox One, Windows 10, or Steam, or have an active Xbox Game Pass subscription. If you played in our technical alpha, you’ll automatically be granted access to the beta. Also, pre-installs are now available for the Closed Beta on all platforms! To pre-install on your preferred platform, just follow the instructions in the support centre.


When is the beta? 

The first Closed Beta is coming this Friday, February 14th and will run for the whole weekend. We’ve created a handy map for you to check when the beta opens and closes in your local time zone. For times not represented on the map, please use your preferred conversion tool.







Characters: There will be twelve characters at launch.

















Coming Soon:
















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Hmm, it's a bit too much of an unknown for me to pre-order, but I'll be watching with interest.


I remember some beautiful hot takes from people who saw the E3 trailer and thought it was a hero game à la Overwatch - it seems much closer to Anarchy Reigns (but without the cheesy/amazing soundtrack of that game...)

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I love Ninja Theory, I like the art and world design in this and the music's nice, but.... hmm.


See, it's a team game. Very much so. If you go solo against a few other players you'll get flattened. The problem here is that they're trying to channel awesome action game design into a team brawler, and the two design philosophies are crashing hard against one another.


It can be hard to keep track of your team, hard to know when you're taking damage, the hits don't have enough impact and a bunch of the character quips repeatedly get thrown out with no real context, feeling disconnected from the action. At one point my previously cohesive team all decided to randomly potter off on their own just as the enemy team got their shit together and started grouping up exclusively so I wound up just turning the game off mid-match because I was sick of it already.


Quitting halfway through's just not something I'd do in a game I was enjoying, win or lose.

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There’s beta stuff I can forgive - notably lag or joining pointless late games you can’t win - but the lock on mechanic and the tendency for all players to bundle in on each other makes it hard to see what’s going on. There’s probably a good game in there, maybe but not one that’s suited to online multiplayer with (currently) shoddy net code.

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Also, the art style is weird. Uncanny valley probably isn’t the right term but they’ve gone for a realistic feature design but with cartoony styling. I don’t think it really works, in my opinion.


I’m gonna give it another go.

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I rather like this but its a total landslide most games, bloody stupid internet randoms who cannot play as a team to save thier lives as usual, stay silent with thier mics open so you can just hear thier sound effects all game, the usual garbage.
Kulev the support guy is my bag.

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There's no unifying aesthetic for the characters. It's like they looked at Blizzards art direction without really understanding how it works, which in turn makes it seem really generic. I don't think it's awful, I just think it's a bit of a mess. Plus the environments are generic as hell. I give them credit for making it colourful, mind.

Also the game has no weight. There's no sense of contact or momentum in the combat. It's a shame because I think it could work but I'm not sure anyone will give a fuck. While this small thread in a tiny corner of the internet isn't really any kind of indication of the betas performance, I wonder if we'll see it slip as they have a massive overhaul if the reaction was the same elsewhere.

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