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Die of the Dead


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Un unboxed now and sorted, some feedback thoughts:


  • The cardboard punchboards seemed thinner then "usual" while punching them out, but now i have completed them and for the price are fine
  •  Making the stairs was super easy, the video helped me a lot
  • I think on a KS update or somewhere you mentioned about boxing it by placing the die in the caskets - that worked for me but was it mentioned in the manual/anywhere?
  • The inset seemed to have moved a little so the stairs could not fit, i moved the insert slightly and it now all fits perfect (just a heads up incase you get any Customer Service stuff about his)

Anyway all good here - will but among the first game to play when i meet up with buddy's in real life next to 5 Minute Mystery and Project Elite.

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Mine turned up earlier. Looks lovely!


Did the punch out over lunch. Echo the thoughts about the cardstock, at first it feels a millimetre or two thinner than I've come to expect, but the pieces came out without issue and aren't flimsy in the slightest.


It was satisfying to put together the steps, the pieces slotted together nicely, but it is a super tight fit getting it back in the box. The centre divider does lean a bit to one side, but if it's pushed gently back then the steps do fit without looking like anything is going to get damaged.


Aside from those minor quibbles, it does look like a professional job, and you should be really pleased with how the production copies have turned out!

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20 hours ago, jonnyalpha said:

@Fondue off topic but is that Hadara on your shelf behind the Key game? Is it any good? 

Good spot. Yes, it is!

It's pretty decent, though I can't work out how much I like it - it sometimes feels a little like hard work, but not because it's complicated or anything. Just maybe it's not a load of FUN. I'm half tempted to sell it on, tbh, as if I want a set collection game (which it ultimately is), I prefer Nidavellir.

If you ever fancy a game of Hadara, I'd be happy to play anytime - it's on https://www.yucata.de/en/Rules/Hadara


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Played this last night after receiving on Thursday. 2 player with the other half... really enjoyed it. Maybe just a couple things to clarify.. 


The ghost player ...when they have no dice left on the player board do you just skip their turn? Or is there another action to take... IE shake casket 1.


Also for token playing ...often the caskets would be chosen and shaken by the time someone would want to use a token before that's meant to happen. Presume best way is for players just to declare what casket they are going for first...


Excellent game....would think it would be massively entertaining with increased player count. Has been said plenty of times but the artwork and attention to detail in the theme is top tier. I'll have the Coco soundtrack in the background next time and swig from expensive tequila bottles. 

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Should have told me you were rllmuk, for that sweet sweet rllmuk discount!


Had an amazing Expo for a number of reasons, but one of which was definitely the reaction to DotD- sold out by the end (although I had 1 box left in the car). Almost entirely sold out now!

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Finally got to play this with friends the other day. All had a lot of fun, and it looks lovely on the table. I also had a monster game where I got a soul to the top of the stairs, while the others hadn’t made step 3. Bwahaha. Thanks again.



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Just to let you all know, I've made a free PnP expansion https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/radical8games/die-of-the-dead/posts/3288944

It's got a very different feel to the normal game, but I like it. Normally this would be another Kickstarter for manufactured versions, but I'm trying to avoid that until freight is back to normal. Also the variant works excellently (imo) as a solo game.

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Yearly bump to say the pre-launch page is active for the expansion and reprint! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/radical8games/die-of-the-dead-xolo-expansion-and-ofrenda-variant

It's pretty scant at the moment, as I realised that in the past I waited until the last minute to get the pre-launch page done, believing that Kickstarter actually checked those things. This time I'm getting the page approved, then completing it. Still, these expansions are all I've been playtesting since Damask launched, and it'll be great to launch before the actual Dia de Muertos.

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