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Football Kits 2020/21


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37 minutes ago, dr_manhattan^ said:

I like the message on the shirt for Morelos.

I love him, the absolute mentalist. 

He would be fantastic in the English PL, he would get the space he needs to make the most of his game. I never want him to leave though.

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New Leicester kit. Quite like it, although our away kits always seem to be more interesting. 


However this Sunday we'll have a different sponsor to announce our new sponsorship deal with the Thailand tourism authority. Not sure I'll be able to deal with the fallout when United beat us, with that emblazoned on the front. That Kasper kit is awful though.











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^^^ I think my mates old Austin Metro Vanden Plas had seats upholstered in that.


Our new home, although it was done better in the final Boleyn season.




Away. Bit hard to fuck up a classic design like this but they managed it anyway. The lines are further apart than our defenders :facepalm: 




The third is supposed to be black and gold but who gives a monkeys about third kits?


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10 hours ago, Scruff said:

The third is supposed to be black and gold but who gives a monkeys about third kits?


From a novelty point of view I'd love a third kit as Watford have never had one. Also we have fucked up the colouring of our away kit so much recently we've had to dig out old away kits to avoid clashes. Amateur hour!

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West Ham are going to have to need a third kit for away at Turf Moor then.


Like the home kit a lot, though the claret panel looks a bit odd when it gets to the shoulders.  But yes, they've somehow messed up the bars on the away kit.

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13 hours ago, Dudley said:

West Ham another team that doesn't quite get the purpose of a change strip then.


How so?  They've played in away kits which are their home colours reversed for decades, I'm not a West Ham fan but I think that's their most commonly used colour scheme over the years and it's never caused any issues.  They only need to wear it when they face clubs who also play in claret and blue, or clubs who play in red and I don't think it's ever caused any issues. 



11 hours ago, wullie said:

I love how West Ham are again offering the U18s kit in all sizes, the home without sponsors looks absolute magic.



I know kids sizes legally cant have gambling/alcohol sponsors on them. I won't buy a Villa shirt with a bookmakers on the front, but I've got them for my son as his size just has a blank front.  It looks better, but I think kids want to wear the same shirt as the players so in a way next season we've got a sponsor which isn't a vice.  Do West Ham sell adult sizes as an "U18s kit" or is it something completely different?  

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