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RIP Andrew Weatherall


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Died this morning from a pulmonary embolism.



If you're a music fan for long enough, eventually, every artist you idolise will let you down. Every musician, singer, songwriter or producer I've ever loved has, at some point or another put out at least one album that's made me think they've lost it.


Except this guy, who was all of the above and never, ever let me down. Sabres of Paradise, Two Lone Swordsmen, his solo stuff, The Asphodells. Not to mention the the absurdly high quality and quantity of remixes and productions. I've loved it all.


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Bah, fuck... 


Yep, responsible for so many life-changing moments. I have incredible vivid memories of listening to Smokebelch in my friends bedroom with him just freaking out about how good it was. That same friend recently tracked down the Boys Own vinyl box set for my birthday a couple of years ago. His work with Mondays and the Primals was part of the soundtrack to the best years of my life.


I really feel a bit blue now :(

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A group of my mates in their forties have seen him DJing on a couple of occasions recently (in Todmorden and then in Manchester a couple of weeks back).


They were on my WhatsApp group, discussing when to go and see him again, with Leeds next month earmarked.  Should've gone to the Manchester set. :(

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Yes, it’s true. I can remember getting hold of a white label of Come Together with his mix on when I lived in London with some of the old Tonka people and we were going nuts for it, it was like nothing else at that time. I was never really bothered about Loaded but I must have worn that record out.

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Aww fuck. Loved a few Sabres of Paradise tracks when Big Beat brought my love for clubbing back, especially the Chemical Brothers remix of Tow Truck.


And the Two Lone Swordsman Breeze Block set below blew my mind, you seriously, seriously need to give that a listen, fucking brilliant. In fact, and gods honest truth, I had some sort of out of body experience whilst listening through it about ten years ago, though that could have been facilitated by the funny cup of tea I'd been drinking around the time. Superb set.





It's like Forbidden Planet X Acid. So basically the dream.

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